【Tips on choosing the best material】The complete guide for choosing bath screen: framed, frameless, aluminium frame, stainless steel frame, sliding door and double acting door


In order to separate toilets and showers, shower screen is the popular choice. Even in public housing, shower screen has become the mainstream. There are many types and styles of shower screens. In this article, we will show you how to choose the best shower screen and the installation precautions.

Framed Shower Screen VS Frameless Shower Screen

There are two types of shower screens mainly, the framed and frameless. The advantage of a framed shower screen is that it has a frame support, which does not require high environmental requirements. The frameless shower screen is more transparent. The sight will not be obstructed by the frame, therefore, to have more sense of space.

Sliding door VS double acting door

The shower screen doors on the market can be divided into two categories, namely sliding door and double acting door. There are single, double, and triple sliding doors. The advantage of sliding door is that it does not use up much space. However, it you install double sliding door in a small bathroom, it makes you inconvenient to enter and exit. 2/3 of the triple sliding door can be opened for in and out.

(Picture description: OMEGA stainless steel frameless double sliding door shower screen CL-08)

The space requirement for installing sliding door is relatively large. It is necessary to consider the problem that water will drop to the floor along the glass door after shower when the door is opened. However, it is more convenient to clean the double acting door than the sliding door as the dirt will not accumulate on the rails. But some overlapping areas are still difficult to clean.

Aluminium frame VS stainless steel frame

The frames of the framed shower screen are made of two major materials, which are aluminium and stainless steel. Aluminium frame is relatively cheap and light weight, but it will cause rust when used for a long time. Compared with aluminium, stainless steel is denser, heavier, harder, and stronger against acid and alkali. Pay attention to the grade of stainless steel when purchasing, because different grades of stainless steel have different physical properties. If you choose grade 304 stainless steel, you are worry free.

(Picture description: OMEGA-stainless steel fan-shaped sliding door shower screen RN-42)

However, there are still some 304 stainless steels on the market that contain impurities and may cause slight rust. It can be cleaned simply by using stainless steel descaling detergent.

Water test

Remember to take the water test after installing the shower screen. Dry the outer periphery of the fixed part of the shower screen first, and then spray water to all the edges of the fixed screen. Wait for thirty minutes to observe whether there is water leakage outside the shower screen.

Tips from the renovation consultant, Andy

When installing the shower screen, pay attention to whether the frame will be attached to the window.

  1. When installing the shower screen, pay attention to whether the frame will be attached to the window as shown in the figure above. Although there is no problem with this method of installation, if you consider installing an exhaust fan or thermo ventilator on the window, you must arrange the installation location before the installation. Moreover, because the aluminium window will be slightly indented, there is a chance of water splashing out during use.

(Picture description: check whether there will be a beam or a connection position at the location of the installation of the shower screen, additional charges may be applicable.)

  1. If you find the final price different from the quoted price, it may because there are beams or connection points at the bathroom ceiling that incur extra fee for special treatment.


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