4 Easy And Latest Ways Of Living Room Remodeling Within A Budget


A living room or family room in the home is often one of the most used spaces. It is a multi-functional area of your home where you spend most of your time in a day. It’s a place where you entertain guests, relax, socialize and watch TV.

Here are the four latest ideas that will give your living room design a quick refresh within your budget. Because a family room doesn’t necessarily have to be a major renovation – a minor facelift will be beneficial!

Have a look at the following article for the latest living room design ideas.

1. Redesign the Layout of Living Space

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Sometimes, a room in your home needs is a new layout to match the latest interior trend. By moving furniture and dividing the living room into separate areas – you can create an entirely new look. A family room usually centered around a television, so start from this point.

Arrange the dining table in front of the feature wall that has sitting space as well. If the TV is your central point, make t look a more attractive place with a designer TV wall. For better understanding, take the idea from the above image.

2. Highlight a wall in bedroom with dark-coloured Paint

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Changing paint of the room is one of the most cost-effective ways to give a facelift to your interior. Colour a wall behind your TV in the dark shade will make your interior look up to date and attractive as well.

Try to use dark blue with white walls and ceiling as this will complement the light shades present in your bedroom. Keep everything white including ceiling and floor, while using blue for a wall behind your TV.

3. Focus on the Flooring

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: In-expat

Redoing or redesigning a floor doesn’t cost much and makes the space look impressive within budget. New floor tiles or floor finish will do wonders for every room, including the living area.

With most designs and colours, there is an incredible variety of floor tiles available that suit all budgets. You can choose gray or charcoal black floor tiles for the coloured room. The tiles can install over your existing floor without any mess.

4. Space out your room

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

Making a room look spacious and more prominent is an excellent idea for contemporary style living room design.  For making your family room look spacious, use light colour paint for walls. Have an organized floor to ceiling book storage unit in the family room.

Chose furniture that goes with the interior and take less space. Also, make sure to add indoor potted plants for greenery and natural feel. The living room with neutral colours and the pop of green will brighten up your family room in many ways while adding visual breathability.

Redesign or remodel your living room with the help of above mention ideas.


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Author: Renopedia

Visit renopedia.sg/enquiry.html and get free interior design plans from various interior designers and save your trouble from visiting dozen of interior firms.