4 must-read articles to know everything about light bulb. Tips to choose the most energy saving light bulb.


For years, people have chosen light bulbs by the watt. 

However, this has become the past. Professional data is written on the light bulb packaging box, which is as profound as the information on the food packaging. Actually, is there any difference between an energy saving light bulbs and LED light bulbs?

Is the traditional incandescent light bulb cheaper? What does 3000K and 6000K represent?

What do the parameters of the light bulb represent?

Parameters such as color temperature, rated light quantity, and power consumption are written on the packaging box of the lighting products. This is because people have higher requirements for lighting nowadays. Since different countries have different standards, so some light bulbs will indicate more parameters such as color rendering, illuminate, etc., to facilitate consumers to understand the correct performance of the light bulb.

As long as you can understand the data of the light bulb, you won’t buy the wrong one. However, knowing how to choose a light bulb and knowing how to choose the right light bulb are two things. Regarding the question of lighting selection, experts suggest buyers to refer to Human Centric Lighting (human-centered lighting). This research is worth reading. It can let you understand more about lighting that helps you choose the most suitable lighting products.

After knowing how to choose the right light bulb and the difference between the cold light and warm light. It is time to know about how to arrange and design the lighting at home. What light should you use for kitchen? What Kelvin (K) temperature scale should I use for study room? Should I use white light or yellow light for living room? 

There are 3 common lighting products in Hong Kong, but LED light bulb is the mainstream product nowadays, and probably in the future as well. However, LED light bulbs are more expensive than incandescent light bulb and compact fluorescent light bulb. Why does the LED light bulb become the mainstream?Is it because LED light bulb is a new product developed in recent years, so the price is higher? Not at all. Experts explain that LED is the best lighting technology with the best price-performance and efficiency.


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