5 Easy Renovation Hacks to Reclaim your Valuable Space


Small yet Mighty!

When it comes to compact apartments offered by HDB and private developers, the skills of the Renovation Professionals are put to the strictest test; to maximize the value of abode by amplifying the spaces while minimizing the maintenance required.

#1. Identify structures which take up unnecessary space

Certain structures such as swing or bi-fold bedroom, toilet, balcony, closet and cabinet doors take up more floor space. This is because additional clearance space has to be set aside for the door to open outwards or inwards. By swapping traditional doors for sliding doors, you get to free up more space easily. In addition, by replacing traditional walls with sliding partitions, you can free up more space by re-configuring the spaces, divide rooms and organize the flow of your inhabitants easily.


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#2. Use modular, movable furniture

In order to maximize a tiny apartment’s functionality, it has to be flexible so that it can be easily reconfigured to meet the evolving demands of its homeowners. Hence, modular, movable furniture is a critical enabler for a more versatile, open-plan space. For instance, mobile storage cabinets can be tucked neatly away when not in use; modular sofa can be arranged in a multitude of different styles and a movable pullout kitchen trolley can provide additional workspace where and when it is needed.

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#3. Opt for customized built-in carpentry

Aside from the usual cupboard, wardrobe, bookshelf and table, custom made carpentry can create storage cabinets from awkward corners and bring to life unusual, multi-functional furniture. Such examples include sliding bookshelves which double up as wall partitions or doors, a wall mount mirror which is also a jewelry closet and tailor made Murphy beds, can be pulled out from the wall to reveal a floating shelf and a coach.

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#4. Look at unconventional, ingenious places for additional storage

A floor platform is a conventional way to eke out additional storage from below. However, you can also set your sights higher by carving out storage space from the ceiling! This is especially handy if your apartment comes with a high ceiling and you wish for  a unconventional alternative aside from using a bulky furniture deck or a mezzanine floor.

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If you are adventurous enough, you can also opt for a bed, which can be hoisted up the ceiling when not in use!

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#5. Create secret storage spaces

A safe is very important to keep your valuables and important documents securely locked away. However, a proper safe usually takes up considerable space footprint in a tiny apartment. Therefore, you can consider creating multiple secret hidden spaces, either within a wall or even in a pillar, to keep your belongings safely hidden.

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