5 Paint Colours That Make a Room Look Bigger


Small rooms are tricky! Beyond having difficulty with fitting the desired furniture and crafting the best layout of the room, painting the walls of a small space is a major aspect to consider.

Make sure you avoid dark shades and choose light shades to make your room appear bigger and light-filled.

Let’s have a look at the five amazing colours, including some unexpected ones, which make a small space appear bigger.



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The topper on the list is WHITE!

A small room filled with rich, saturated paint colours will look even smaller. So add a coat of white paint and see the magic! The room will instantly appear bigger and airier.

The science – White reflects light, while darker shades absorb light.

You can add a satin or gloss finish to the walls to increase the amount of light reflected and visually increase the space.



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Very close to white, pastels are a bit darker hues, adding a hint of colours to your rooms without eliminating too much of the light-reflecting benefit.

Think soft pastels like Alice blue, antique brass, antique white, Azure, pistachio and buttery yellow for a stylish room. Keep the trims white for perfect contrasting. It also prevents the space from appearing washed out. 



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Looking for something other than but close to white? Paint your east and west-facing rooms with cool gray.

It’s a mix of black and white that feels so soft on eyes and retails the qualities of its parent colours. It feels fresh and bright without adding the starkness of pure white.

Cool gray walls visually create the appearance of a bigger room. You should ideally use it in a room with moderate amounts of light as it will give the space a cozy but expansive appearance.



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Beige is a new gray! It is light and accommodating. It brings both a warmth and a sense of calmness to your space.

Top of that, it does the magic to make even a small space appear bigger.

Beige is high in trend, and top interior designers are increasingly using it in trendy houses.



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Monochromatic colours are derived from a single base shade and extended using its shades, tints, and tones. A monochromatic colour scheme adds a strong sense of visual cohesion and makes our rooms appear brighter as well as bigger.

Choose different shades of the same colour for painting your trim, ceiling, and walls. The uniformity of this colour scheme will make your space look larger.

In addition to these colours, you can use light taupe in rooms that lack architectural details. If you don’t want an all-white room but still with a light neutral paint colour, a light taupe or greige makes your space feel elegant and larger. Other colours in the list are blush pink, dark navy, and pitch black.

Try these colours, and add depth and visual space to your small room.


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Author: Renopedia

Visit renopedia.sg/enquiry.html and get free interior design plans from various interior designers and save your trouble from visiting dozen of interior firms.