9 Ways to Combine Your Kitchen Island and Dining Table in Style


There are plenty of pros when it comes to a kitchen island-dining table hybrid. One, it saves more space than if you were to have a separate kitchen island and dining table. Two, the dining side can sometimes double as extra prep area or the island can also work as extra seating when you have guests over. And three, because there’s no standard design, your kitchen island-dining table hybrid is guaranteed to look uniquely yours. Here, we show you some of the ways to combine your kitchen island and dining table into one:

1. Embrace the height difference

Rather than have both the island side and dining side the same height, get your dining area to table height while keeping your island as counter height. This makes things more comfortable, whether you’re prepping food or eating them.

Despite the height difference, the same blue accent was used on both the dining side and the island to tie things together. In addition, the dining table runs all the way to the side of the kitchen island so there’s no visual disconnection.

Images courtesy of DistinctIdentity

2. All in one

Prefer to keep everything in the same height? Here’s your solution. It’s a neater design, and it offers you more flexibility in terms of using the island side as a dining area and vice versa, but the only caveat is that you will have to eat at counter height. This might not work if you have young children or the elderly living with you.

Make sure to account for lots of legroom at the dinner table so that seating will be comfortable and include storage by the kitchen island.

Image courtesy of Eightytwo

3. Hung up on you

Erected perpendicular to the kitchen island, the dining table gets extra support from a ceiling mount which doubles as a storage piece. Suspended tables are great for small spaces since they don’t take up floor room at all. To tie things visually, both the countertop and the tabletop are swathed in the same woodgrain laminates.

Image courtesy of Chapter One

4. Curving consensus

To soften the edges in a room or if you just need a kid-friendly option, consider this curvaceous kitchen island-dining table hybrid. We love how the island was also designed relatively compact, so that the kitchen still feels relatively open and welcoming. Plus, it lets more of that gorgeous blush-pink cabinets to be seen.

Images courtesy of Three-D Conceptwerke


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Author: Renonation