A dust-free and easy way to build a wall. Even a child can do!


I have a friend who wants to build a wall in a small space for partition. However, he hesitated to do so worrying the dust at home. It is troublesome even hiring a cleaner to clear after the construction. In view of this, Decolababy would like to share a product with you that you can build a wall easily at home. Everblock is a very popular building material in foreign countries. The construction is the same as building blocks, and even a child can help. Using the Everblock for partition has the following benefits:

  1. 100% DIY. Does not require a construction worker. Low construction cost.
  2. Can be installed and removed at any time.
  3. Dust-free construction
  4. Beautiful, a selection of colors to choose from. Can be used for decoration wall.
  5. Waterproof and mildewproof

Partition is just one of the uses of Everblock. It can be built into any furniture you want. You can use the 3D Virtual Builder on Everblock’s official website to simulate the effects of building blocks. In addition to using 3D to see the finished product effect, you can also check the unit price and total price of the bricks, and check out directly.



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Author: decoadmin