A green home with a variety of plants


Many of us will use plants to decorate their homes to add a natural feel. But in general, we may only place one or two pots of small plants or to place potted plants outside the balcony to keep the indoor space as big as possible. In this apartment in Taipei, the owner boldly put various plants at home, making the green elements the focus of the interior design.

There were only four plain walls three years ago. The owner bought this apartment because the ratio of balcony to indoor ratio is close to 1:1. In a Kyoto trip, he found that the local stores and houses used a lot of plants for decoration, so he decided to imitate the style. He doesn’t install any curtains for the two large windows to introduce sunlight. It is like living in a greenhouse at home. The plant-filled balcony surrounds the house like a moat and echoes the green-gray wall inside. The time is like being slowed down with the DIY fragrance. “Live sculptures” is the annotation of the owner for the plants. They are the best decoration in the home.

His friends described his home as distinctive. In addition to the plants, the owner likes putting second-hand furniture and antiques at home for decoration, so that the interior of the house can be as historic as the Kyoto architecture.

Home is a place to relax. We need a space where people can relax, read, cook and daze. The style is shaped by a variety of factors. Plants and smells are the accessories of the home. Spending quality time with flowers and plants is the motivation of life to the owner.

As Hong Kong people tend to live a fast-paced life, they may not have much time to take care of a large number of potted plants. However, we can consider putting a plant wall at home to add some green elements and to save the time taking care of potted plants.


Image source: Decomyplace


Author: decoadmin