Air-conditioner leaking is disturbing! The expert consultant, Yeung Ming Lam, will tell you the causes and solutions for fixing it.


The air-conditioner leaking is disturbing to the pedestrians! If you receive a complaint about water leaking of your air-conditioner, you can be fined. In this article, HKdecoman expert consultant, Yeung Ming Lam, will talk about the causes and solutions for fixing the problem.  

Causes of outdoor air-conditioner water leaking

  1. Water pipe blockage

Blockage to the drain is the most common cause of water leaking. Condensation will appear during the cooling process of the air conditioner. The sewage will drip onto the water pan and be drained through the drainpipe. If too much dirt, dust and debris accumulate in the pipe, the drainpipe will be blocked causing water to accumulate. When the water pan overflows, the water will leak and cause troubles to pedestrians.

  1. Aging of water pipe or water tray

Another reason for air-conditioner water leaking outside is the aging, damage and cracks of the drainpipe or water tray that causes dripping. Although the probability of occurrence is lower than that of the drainpipe blockage, there is still a chance of it.

General blockage can be observed with the naked eye, but if it is aging, the air conditioner must be disassembled for inspection. Because the drainpipe of the window type air conditioner is located outdoors, and the drainpipe of the split type air-conditioner is generally hidden in the ceiling and the wall, non-professionals are not recommended to check it by themselves.

The causes of air-conditioner water leakage indoors

  1. Poor installation

One of the reasons for air-conditioner water leakage indoors is that the installation is not inclined to the side of the drainpipe, causing water to accumulate on the other side.  If the window type air conditioner is installed and tilted indoors, water will seep into the room if the drainpipe is blocked.

  1. Design issues

Another situation is that when the drainpipe is poorly connected. The drainpipe does not go down, but go upward, concave, or like a hill. Thus, the water will flow back to the air conditioner, causing water leakage indoors.

  1. Drainpipe blockage

Drainpipe blockage causes air-conditioner water leaking outdoors and indoors. When it is blocked, the water generated inside the air conditioner goes slowly, so it flows back from the air outlet.

Air-conditioner water leaking solution

Professional service

You need to hire the professional to replace the drainpipe if it has any damages. If it is blocked, you can find a plumber to deal with it.

Generally, there are two ways to unblock the water pipe. One is to open the air-conditioner. Then insert a rubber pipe inside the air-conditioner and then blow away the accumulated dirt of the water outlet. Another method is to use high-pressure water gun to clear the dirt of the drainpipe. Some air-conditioning cleaning services already include water pipe clearing services. So, you can request the cleaning service the fix the clogging problems.

Can I fix the blocked drainpipe by myself?

There are many ways to fix the blocked drainpipe. The expert consultant, Mr. Yeung said some were feasible, but you needed to bear risks of doing so.

  1. Insert a rubber pipe to blow away the dirt with air

Some people suggest that you can imitate the professional to insert a rubber pipe inside the air-conditioner and blow away the accumulated dirt of the water outlet. Mr. Yeung commented that this was the easiest way to unblock the pipe but using high-pressure water gun would be more effective.

Removing the air conditioner cover is a difficult task that requires knowledge and skill. Since the cover of the air conditioner is fixed by a tenon method, if you don’t understand the structure of the cover and break the tenon position, the cover will not be able to fix at the right position and there is a chance of damaging the circuit board.

  1. Dig away the dirt with an iron wire

Some people suggest disassembling the drainpipe and then using an iron wire to dig away the dirt inside the pipe or the water tray. Mr. Yeung pointed out that the drainpipe was usually made of plastic. The iron wire might damage the pipe and cause cracks that the entire pipe might need to be replaced.

Especially for the split type air-conditioner, since most of the drainpipe of it is hidden in the wall, it will be a big project if the pipe needs to be replaced. In addition, the window type air conditioner needs to be lifted entirely indoor for water unblocking. Not only it is dangerous, fail to remove and install it back to right position incorrectly can damage the air conditioner.


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