An Update on Contemporary Design: Warmth and Textures in Minimalism


Czech interior design studio, boq architekti, give us a much-anticipated update on contemporary Minimalist design.

Early Minimalist designs featured a frugality in the usage of colours, decorative items and furnishing. The monochromatic convention was seldom flouted; the shapes of furnishing were futuristic but the lines remain clean and focused.

The resulting effect is a tidy, somewhat cold aesthetics. While this embodied Minimalism has its appeal, the Minimalist space might prove too un-homely for some.


In the recent years, Minimalist designs had begun to gravitate towards giving warmth to the interior. Without compromising the black-and-white palette, designers incorporate different textures and materials to lend the Minimalist domestic space a sense of coziness.

Notice the elaborate use of wood. Shades of brown range from warm chocolate to hazelnut and golden beige. The layered colours give the living room a sense of depth, as opposed to the usually flatness of monochromatic flooring and furnishing.

The grey carpet’s fluffiness and the wood grain exposed also give much warmth to the interior.

The use of clean, geometric lines is still very much a theme of this particular design, but we also see furnishing which has a more ‘substantial’ appearance to it.


The cushioned chairs and large blocks of wood fill up the space while the wiry metal legs make the furniture appear as if levitated in the air.

The resting space feels especially cozy, being half embedded into the wall. Using wooden material to line the inner sides further adds a sense of security to this lounging area.


Author: decoadmin