How to Choose Your Material: Artistic Wall Coating


Artistic wall coating, sometimes called decorative paint, is made of natural ingredients and has a wide range of colours. The difference in the paint’s material component affects the wall’s resulting texture.

Smooth as silk or rough as rocks, from the artist painter’s technique blooms intricate patterns and an highly aesthetic atmosphere. Priced for its versatility and striking styles, artistic wall coating is very popular among Europeans.


What is artistic wall coating made of?

Different from ordinary paint, artistic wall coating consists of natural minerals and ground granite. Low in formaldehyde and VOCs (volatile organic compounds), this type of paint does not smell pungent like normal oil-based paint.

Working this paint requires specific tools and skill sets, mainly because this paint has a strong adhesive quality, which renders the skills for painting oil-based paints inapplicable in this instance.

An artistically painted wall, though decorated in a simple fashion, brightens up the interior quite dramatically.

An artistically painted wall, though decorated in a simple fashion, brightens up the interior quite dramatically.


Both Italy and China manufacture artistic wall coating, how are their products different?

Be assured that Italian artistic wall coating complies to EU safety standards, since the Italian products are mainly sold to European countries.

Since Taiwan’s introduction of artistic wall coating to mainland China, the latter has been developing specialised technology to manufacture this kind of paint.

Italian and Chinese artistic wall coating might not differ much, but since the former has a longer manufacturing history, its quality is more recognised by the market.

But do not underestimate the speed of mainland China’s technological advancement.

Besides China and Italy, Russia and Japan are also manufacturing artistic wall coating.

Artistically coated wall with a gradient visual effect.


What are the available colours?

There are three basic colours to choose from: white, silver and gold. (The silver and gold colours are derived from minerals.

From the ‘primary’ colours, through special colour-adjustment processes, various shades can be obtained.

The base colours of silver and gold can create varying tones, for example, a greenish-silver shade, and a pinkish-gold metallic sheen.

See the reflection of the wineglass on the high-gloss surface of the coating?


How is artistic wall coating different from ordinary oil paint?

With artistic wall coating, you can give the walls in your home personality.

For simpler visual effects, with the correct applying methods, patterns should reveal themselves after the coating dries. There are simpler visual effects you can do by yourself without professional help. For example, the concrete effect and the satin effect.

Artistic wall coating is aesthetically pleasing but lean on the pricey side.


Can I paint a rust-coloured wall à la Industrial style by myself?

For more complex painting effects which involve two or more colours, application skills can be more difficult to master. The application may also require more specific tools.

Moreover, some special effects may require patient buffing. Unless you are ready to devote time for repeated trial and error, we don’t recommend trying to create complex special effects with this paint by yourself.

This is not a concrete wall, but a special effect wall painted with artistic wall coating.


What textures can I create with artistic wall coating?

The patterns of an artistic wall coating are created by hand.

High-gloss texture, semi-gloss texture and matte texture are the three effects you can create with artistic wall coating.

Upon finishing, a layer of golden wax, silver wax or transparent wax can be applied as a protective and a colour accent.

Artistic wall coating is especially adaptable to different styles of interior design. It can be painted to look like granite, wood or even mirror. Unleash your imagination with this versatile material!

Mirror-like artistic coating


Mirror-like wall


Artistic wall coating is said to be scratch-resistant moisture-resistant, is that true?

Artistic wall coating is flexible, strong, scratch-resistant and moisture-resistant.

This material is not waterproof, but the coating, after absorbing water, slowly releases it back to the air.

If your household demands full waterproof protection, you can request for an application of special waterproof coating.


Author: decoadmin