Bring the Beach Home: Escape to the Serenity of the Sea with Coastal Interior Design


The coastal style remains a perennial favourite in domestic interior design. And not without a reason: blue, khaki and white are a few of the most versatile colours on the spectrum. They go well with most colours, giving you a feeling of tranquility and harmony.

The combination of these tones for sure speaks relaxation, and it turns out, bringing the seaside resort home is not as difficult as finding time for a week’s vacation.

The coastal style incorporates elements reminiscent of the seaside: a clear sky, aquamarine water, white sand and seashells, all distilled into a palette and a range of textures.

With the right structural arrangements, your home can look just like the beach.



Lavish the coastal tones upon your household


First of all, let there be light! The seaside is not the same without the warmth of sunlight, which is why a light-reflecting clean white is the key to a coastal atmosphere.

Apart from pure white, khaki and beige are also good choices for the main walls. Not only do these colours bounce back light, they also remind you of the soft sand at the beach.

And let there be water, too. Splashes of azure, aquamarine, and blues with a transparent quality are immediately reminiscent of the sea, as well as the sky. Textures of furniture should lean towards the rustic and the unpolished.

Avoid metallic tones and sheen to preserve the natural air of nature.


Bedroom décor in tones of the sky and the sea


Indulge in the textures of wooden cottages

The walls of seaside resorts are usually one clean white painted over wooden planks, a feature proven very difficult to replicate in an urban setting.

When trying to bring in this special feature of the seaside, you can consider using wallpaper which imitates the texture of a painted wooden wall.

Be generous with the palette of seashells and sand. See how the blues pop on the white canvas!


Accent pieces can make a world of difference

Since curtains and carpets can occupy a great amount of visual space, with considerations of aesthetics, these items might play a crucial role in completing the coastal look.

For curtains, opt for soft, muslin-like material which flutters as the wind stirs. The wavy, curved folds of the fabric will remind you of the waves at the coastline.

The canvas extended on a ship’s mast is in itself a good material for carpets. For a coastal interior style, the material also adds a marine flavour to the space.

Try to strike a balance between the portions of blue and white (water and sand) in the space. For decorative items, seashells and boat models are obvious choices.

In general, crystals and glass are excellent materials which are reminiscent of water, while wooden furniture, matte and fabric textures resemble the sand.

A touch of green, say, a house plant, can amplify the natural atmosphere in the space. Apart form lighting, metal should be avoided in decoration.


Marine-style decorative items