Designing a ‘smart’ interior does not simply mean imbuing it with smart technology. It also means that you configure the layout, use classy materials, and make the overall space as organized as possible. Below, we’ll be taking a look at 5 key elements of a smartly designed home interior in Singapore: 1. USING INTELLIGENT CONTROL … Read more

A small suite for fashionable single man

It is the bounden duty of interior designers to highlight the distinctive personality of the owner of the home in a limited space. In this small apartment, the design team made use of calm colors and unique furnishings to successfully create a stylish yet warm light industrial style house. The main color schemes are black, … Read more

Zen style X modern style. Fashionable Japanese interior design

The owner of this home is an interior designer. After acquiring his new home, he decided to make good use of his knowledge to design his home. To integrate the Japanese style with modern style, and regard is as a milestone of his career. The homeowner used the traditional Japanese sliding doors as the changing … Read more

Quartz Vs Granite Countertops: A Scientific Face Off

(Guest Writer: Michael Anderson) As a common man, you must have done much research while choosing worktops for your kitchen. However, knowing the scientific facts behind different materials and doing a detailed study will help you come to a better decision while choosing the material for your worktops. Also, it helps you in making the right … Read more

7 Handy Add-Ons You Won’t Mind Having in Your Small Kitchen

Our kitchens may be small, but they shouldn’t be basic. These handy extras will give a boost to a small kitchen, maximising the spatial utilisation while adding to its efficiency and functionality. 1. Pull-down cabinet system In a small kitchen, you will want to add as much storage as possible. Having cabinets that reach all … Read more


A new year often comes with desire for change, improvement and new adventure. This sentiment doesn’t escape your home, with new interior design trends making their mark on the first year of the new decade. Predictions from the top interior design magazines and stylists include curved spaces, bold walls and incorporating natural materials. While some … Read more

A good sleep leads to a good life – Hush Home Hybrid Mattress

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5 Ways to Make Your House Look Luxurious

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These are the Trending Colours to Use in Your Home in 2020

Every year, colour and paint experts announce their Colour of the Year. Whether it’s a bid to sell their less popular paints or real research into consumer sentiments, everyone gets really excited by them. At Renonation, we too are suckers for trends. So we’ve decided to put together some of 2020’s coolest colours, according to … Read more