Ask the Experts: A Visual Guide to Scented Candles

When it comes to decorating your space, don’t forget the fourth dimension—smell. How your home smells like will play a part in how your overall space feels. One of the best ways to scent your space? Scented candles. They are relatively affordable, easy to use, and come in a wide variety of fragrances that will … Read more

Classical English Style For A Sedate Life Attitude

The owner of this apartment is a foreign business executive. As he traveled a lot for business purposes, he often stayed in different hotels. He is fond of the sedate style of the British classic decoration style. After retirement, he decided to have an interior designer to help him build a home with a classical … Read more

The Japanese style interior design tips with harmony, respect, purity and tranquility

Japanese interior design always brings a sense of harmony and tranquility. Under the influence of reconciling beauty and light and shadow effects, the home can be rich in design and colors. In the Japanese style interior design and materials sharing session that was held last Friday, the designer Andrew Lam shared his experience with Japanese … Read more

7 Easy Design Hacks for a Stylish Home that Requires Minimal Maintenance

#1. Go as Seamless as Possible Design: Linear Space Concepts For the floor and walls, the number of grout lines is determined by the size of the tiles. In recent years, homogeneous tiles in sizes of 60 x 60 cm have become mainstream. Therefore, you should choose either bigger tiles of at least 80 x 80 … Read more


Want to live like a king? The first step is designing a bedroom that befits royalty! And what’s the design style that you can use to do that? The modern-classical style. It’s the perfect style to emulate a stately aura in your spaces. So, if you’re interested, here are 5 must-know rules for designing such … Read more

Tips to choose materials: The beautiful and practical fire-retardant laminate from Germantops

What is Germantops fire-retardant laminate  The merits of the fire-retardant laminate are that it will not be burnt through even it is on fire. I can slow down the time when the fire spreads on the surface, and it will not generate toxic gases when burnt. There are also advantages in term of maintenance for … Read more