Thermo Ventilators: What Do They Do?

In the humid season of spring, moisture gets trapped in small confinements like bathrooms, where there is hardly space for large appliances like dehumidifiers. This can prove quite troublesome to home owners. But there exists a simple, elegant solution. Thermo ventilators, popular in the recent years, are a compact machine with performs multiple functions like … Read more

3 Types of Tumble Dryer and What to Know Before Purchase

Nowadays, though a lot of washing machine and thermal ventilator models have a clothes-drying function, their drying efficacy cannot compete with a tumble dryer’s. Therefore, despite not being very popular, tumble dryers can still be found on the market. The tumble dryer can be powered by electricity or by gas. Besides, the working mechanisms of … Read more

Gas Stove VS Induction Cooker: A Breakdown

What makes a delicious meal? Doesn’t matter if you have the best quality ingredients, the most appreciative guests. If you don’t have a happy cooking experience, the food you make will not be as scrumptious as it can be. In the kitchen, you can go without a blender, a microwave, an oven, but you cannot … Read more

How to Use the Dehumidifier: 5 Points

In a place as humid as Hong Kong, the dehumidifier is used in both springtime and summertime. Excessive humidity in the house can cause rapid bacterial growth and harm your health. In general, the lifespan of a dehumidifier is around 5 years. Whether your dehumidifier can work longer than that depends on how well you … Read more

How to Choose a Washing Machine

We all know there are two main types of washing machines: top-load and front-load. Their difference not only lies in where the lid is, but also their internal structures, washing mechanisms and efficacy. Check out the overview below to make a smart, informed purchase!   Top-load washing machine As explicitly stated in the name, the … Read more

Make Your Electrical Appliances Last Longer!

If you are one of those spenders who is willing to pay more for better quality, who avoid going for the cheapest option out there, extending the lifespan of your electrical appliances must be your prime concern. No one wants to spend a fortune on a quality rice cooker only to see it break down … Read more

About Window Air Conditioners

Window air conditioners are a type of air-conditioning electrical appliances. This type of air-con is usually installed on in windows only. Smaller and more compact than the split air conditioner, the window air conditioner has both cooling and ventilating devices built in one small machine.   Size matters Normally the size of the window air-con, … Read more

Planning Electric Outlets: Where Should the Sockets Be?

Planning for a renovation seems to be a never-ending business. But despite hours and hours of head-scratching, you’re probably going to miss something. Consequences range from mere inconvenience to total disaster.   Today we’re going to talk about electric sockets: where they should go, how many should there be, and the reasons behind. If managed … Read more

Warm White, Cool White: How to Choose a Suitable Colour Temperature for Each Space in the House

Since the revolutionary idea of Human Centric Lighting, the planning of lighting in the house has become an issue closely related to our health and wellbeing. We now know that a wrong colour temperature of lighting for the occasion can harm our eyes, and sometimes even our natural sleep pattern. Warm white or cool white, that … Read more

What You Should Know About Air Conditioners

Installing an air-conditioning system involves a lot of consideration. For example, you have to think about the position of the machine in relation to where the curtains are installed. When it comes to air-conditioners, most of us are only familiar with a couple well-known brands and which countries these brands are based in. But in … Read more