4 Easy And Latest Ways Of Living Room Remodeling Within A Budget

A living room or family room in the home is often one of the most used spaces. It is a multi-functional area of your home where you spend most of your time in a day. It’s a place where you entertain guests, relax, socialize and watch TV. Here are the four latest ideas that will … Read more


A new year often comes with desire for change, improvement and new adventure. This sentiment doesn’t escape your home, with new interior design trends making their mark on the first year of the new decade. Predictions from the top interior design magazines and stylists include curved spaces, bold walls and incorporating natural materials. While some … Read more

15 Simple Ways to Start Reducing Your Carbon Footprint at Home

In Singapore, like the rest of the world, there has been a lot of talk about the global climate crisis, and an even louder voice calling for greater efforts to combat climate change. As individuals, it’s important that we don’t think this issue is too big for us. We can make a difference by adapting … Read more

The secret tips for decoration – How to buy brand-name materials at a lower price (timber floors)?

If you want to buy the original goods of famous brand materials at a lower price, you need to understand the concept of OEM first. OEM stands for the Original Equipment Manufacturer. It means that the manufacturer is responsible for providing the machine to produce the goods according to the customers requirements and printing the … Read more

7 Renovation Items You Should Never Cut Cost On

Home renovation is like a full-fledged wild fire; it can eat up as much money as you can give.  Of course you would want to keep the renovation cost at a minimum, that’s understandable, but cutting cost thoughtlessly might end up damaging your quality of life, once you move into your renovated home.  In reality, … Read more

8 Cheaper Alternatives to Expensive Interior Design Features

Renovating your home can be an expensive process. We all want marble counters, a walk-in wardrobe and a kitchen island. But the reality is, these design features can add up quickly. So what happens when you don’t have the budget for it? You can either do away with it completely or, even better, you think … Read more

5 Common Mistakes of First-time Home Buyers

There are a lot of important decisions to make before you can move into your first home. While it may be overwhelming to keep track of all of these issues, neglecting to do so can end up costing you thousands of dollars. We strongly recommend keeping an eye out for the following missteps in order … Read more

Home Renovation: How to be Financially Prudent?

The rule is simple. Do not spend more than you can afford. This adage has added impetus when it comes to budgeting for your home renovation.Continuously ask yourself these two questions; “How much can you afford?” and “Where is that money coming from?” Spending Too Much Home renovation expenses need to be balanced against your goals. A … Read more