Kitchen Countertop : At The Heart Of Your Home

There are many countertops options on the market. It can become challenging to make the right choice, but with the right advice and information, the decision to choose a countertop might seem more manageable. Interior designers and homeowners alike have gone way beyond granite. They will use just about anything for island and kitchen countertops. Granite might … Read more

8 Cheaper Alternatives to Expensive Interior Design Features

Renovating your home can be an expensive process. We all want marble counters, a walk-in wardrobe and a kitchen island. But the reality is, these design features can add up quickly. So what happens when you don’t have the budget for it? You can either do away with it completely or, even better, you think … Read more

Home Renovation: How to be Financially Prudent?

The rule is simple. Do not spend more than you can afford. This adage has added impetus when it comes to budgeting for your home renovation.Continuously ask yourself these two questions; “How much can you afford?” and “Where is that money coming from?” Spending Too Much Home renovation expenses need to be balanced against your goals. A … Read more

8 Super Hardworking Kitchen Pantry Ideas to Get Inspired By

A must-have for every kitchen, the kitchen pantry is a flexible superstar that provides a catchall for everything from your everyday appliances and wares to your dried herbs and canned foods. Ranging from stylish tall-boy units to space-saving corner shelves, here are some of our favourite kitchen pantries we found in Singapore homes. 1. Walk-in … Read more

Modern Home Design: 5 Ways to Use Wood in Contemporary Interiors

Wood is a natural material that has been loved by people for centuries to create small or big constructions, everyday objects, and furniture. When you think of home renovations or trendy interior, wood textures are timeless and classic, having the ability for furnishing all types of interiors which never goes out of style. Perhaps the … Read more

Design 4 Space: Maximise Spaciousness with Acrylic and Reflective Surfaces

Situated in central Singapore, this 2-bedder condominium renovated by Design 4 Space features a contemporary design with the generous use of translucent materials and warm-coloured wood. The home owner of this condo in Orchard is a young couple. Their demand for stylishness is clearly manifested in this chic and warm interior which feels both spacious … Read more

6 Interior Design Tips To Bring Your Elderly Parents Back In Time

Do you remember what your home looked like when you were younger? Local housing has changed tremendously since then, but some design tips and tricks from the past remain. Have your parents ever reminisced with you how their homes were like back in their day? Incorporating bits and pieces from their best moments into your home decor will … Read more

Which Material to Use for Your Pots and Pans?

When it comes to buying cookware, material choice is often a top consideration. There are some materials that are better used for certain cooking methods or certain foods, while some require less maintenance and are easier during clean-up. We list some of the more common cookware materials to see which you should get when you’re … Read more

5 Rustic-traditional Interior Design Tips to Uplift Your Homes

The rustic-traditional style is an unconventional one. It combines richness, heritage, and bit of a quaint vintage aura in a single space and can feel overwhelmingly cluttered if not carried out right. Below, we’ll be sharing 5 inspirations and tips for those who love this style and want to emulate it in their own homes. … Read more

Design 4 Space: Cozy Industrial HDB 4-Room Flat

Design 4 Space’s transformation of this 4-room HDB proves that ‘industrial warmth’ is not an oxymoron. Singaporean designers have always devoted their utmost to brighten up HDBs that might have otherwise be boring. By the sheer brilliance of design, Design 4 Space has turned this humble 4-room HDB situated in the east of Singapore into … Read more