How to Use Lighting to Improve Your Living Room Décor

The right lighting can help to set the mood in your home. Having the right amount of light, especially when it is in balance with your circadian rhythm, can have a positive effect on sleep, mood, wakefulness, digestion, and even your body’s ability to control the temperature. Poor lighting, on the other hand, can contribute to feelings of … Read more

Renovation in Winter part 1

In a lot of people’s understanding, winter is not a season suitable for renovation.  The low temperature and humidity increase the difficulty of storing materials. The quality of the renovation work might lower, while the speed of work also might slow down. The renovation process might eventually run behind schedule. What are the points of … Read more

How to Remove Chemical Odour from New Wardrobes

The layer of lacquer on large wooden wardrobes works to keep the wood’s colour, prevent cracking and maintain the material’s natural pattern. This protective layer of lacquer is where the odour of new wardrobes comes from. When we detect an odour on a new wardrobe, we might first associate it with formaldehyde. In fact, formaldehyde … Read more

How to Remove Paint Odour

Freshly painted walls and flooring often give off an acrid smell of paint which just linger in the interior and will not go away. This can be very frustrating for home owners whose abode has just been renovated. The lingering paint smell consists of harmful substances like benzene, methylbenzene and dimethylbenzene. Therefore, the paint smell … Read more