9 Small Kitchen Solutions for Every Kind of Layout

Small kitchen problems are real, but not all kitchen layouts will see the same issues. For kitchen layouts like the one-wall, it may be a lack of storage or countertop space. A small galley layout on the other hand, may face more of a congested traffic flow problem because of how narrow the layout is. … Read more

Flamboyant and Chic: Modern Italian Interior Design

Most of us associate the country Italy with delicious cuisine, fashion brands and football. In fact, Italy has a long history of artistic creation. Even their interior design and furnishing are among one of the most distinctive and fashionable in the world. In the recent years, Modern Italian design has become increasing popular. In Hong … Read more

Interior Decoration: Room Divider

In the old times, room dividers are used shield the interior against strong wind. Modern room dividers work instead as decoratives and partitioning, so that the space looks more beautiful, and the space is divided in a more practical fashion. Here are some room divider styles you can find on the market. Let’s check them … Read more

Design 4 Space: Maximise Spaciousness with Acrylic and Reflective Surfaces

Situated in central Singapore, this 2-bedder condominium renovated by Design 4 Space features a contemporary design with the generous use of translucent materials and warm-coloured wood. The home owner of this condo in Orchard is a young couple. Their demand for stylishness is clearly manifested in this chic and warm interior which feels both spacious … Read more

Skirting Board Colours: What Should You Consider?

Do not underestimate the aesthetic effect skirting boards can bring to the interior. They can give structure to the space, visually enlarge or shrink it by lengthening and shortening the geometric lines in the interior. Despite its power to balance the colours of the interior, skirting boards are often an overlooked part of renovation. Skirting … Read more

Why Metal: Giving Your Home A Contemporary, Shiny, And Smooth Look

Metallic Elements In Your Abode – Offering A Modern, Sleek, and Pristine Appearance To An Otherwise Mundane Space Wood. Stone. Glass. Processed materials. Natural materials. These materials have made their rounds in the renovation world and each of them has had their turn in the limelight over the years. However, one material stands out among the rest for its … Read more

Eclectic Design: The Freedom to Mix and Match

Eclectic style is the mix-and-match of interior décor. In art, eclecticism refers to the borrowing of various art styles to create a piece of art. This stream of art puts a lot of emphasis on the combination of distinct elements that leads to a brand new idea. So basically, it’s a mix-and-match kind of art. … Read more

How to Choose Paint Colours for Each Space in Your Home

When deciding a colour for painting the walls, first you should consider your requirements of functionality and aesthetics. Besides, you should also consider the nature of the space and the specific decorations there will be. As a general rule of thumb, the colour of the bedroom and the dining room should be warm and soft. … Read more

Practical and Heavy Duty: Industrial Interior Design

Industrial design and loft style are the hot trends in interior design’s current state of affairs. Industrial design, in its essence, is to treat your home as an industrial creation, putting emphasis on functionality and practicality. The aim of this design is to give the idea of home a new definition, that it is a … Read more