【COVID-19 prevention】Toilets become the high-risk spot for spreading virus! How to protect yourself? Here are 3 tips you must know!

To prevent COVID-19, in addition to wearing a mask, we should pay high attention to the toilet hygiene. Studies confirmed that the stools of Coronavirus patients carried virus. Some universities pointed out that bacteria would spread everywhere in toilet and even float on the toilet paper when flushing. How should be keep the toilet hygienic … Read more

A good sleep leads to a good life – Hush Home Hybrid Mattress

Have you ever experienced insomnia that you didn’t have energy for work? All of us know the importance of sleeping. Poor sleep affects not only our physical health but also our mood. If you want to have a good sleep at night, you need to have a good mattress. Therefore, we cannot be careless when … Read more

Guide to choose the best product: How to choose WD-40 professional grade tools (3)

After introducing the WD-40 professional grade tools (1) and (2), in this article, we will focus on three special products from WD-40 Specialist. Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil This WD-40 Professional Series Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil is a lubricant designed for metal work and processing work. Its main function is to reduce the frictional strength caused by metal-to-metal … Read more

Guide to choose the best product: How to choose WD-40 professional grade tools (2)

Following “Guide to choose the best product: How to choose WD-40 professional grade tools (1)”, we will continue introduce the WD-40 Specialist professional-grade products to help you choose the appropriate lubricant. Food Grade Silicone Spray The quick-drying, colorless and odorless WD-40 Specialist Food Grade Silicone Spray is specifically developed for the food production and processing … Read more

5 Small Touches You Can Add to Your House for a Quicker Sale

You’ve decided to sell your home and of course, you’re hoping for the best possible outcome. Not only do you want to get your investment back, but you need some additional cash as well. When it comes to sprucing up your residence in order to leave a good impression on potential buyers, it all boils down to strategy. Even … Read more

8 Unusual Kitchen Backsplash Ideas that are Not Tiles or Glass

If you are looking to make an impression in your kitchen, consider taking the road less travelled with your backsplash choice. Because it’s a relatively small aspect of the cooking space, an unconventional option is relatively risk-free. Think beyond tiles or glass, both of which while popular and practical materials for a kitchen backsplash, can … Read more

Ask the Experts: A Visual Guide to Scented Candles

When it comes to decorating your space, don’t forget the fourth dimension—smell. How your home smells like will play a part in how your overall space feels. One of the best ways to scent your space? Scented candles. They are relatively affordable, easy to use, and come in a wide variety of fragrances that will … Read more