Ceiling Renovation: The Most Practical Styles for Low Ceilings


The ceiling as the fifth wall of the house plays an important part in completing the style of the interior design.

Most home owners pay a lot of effort to match the colours of the furniture and the walls, while neglecting the importance of a matching ceiling.

Creating a stylistic ceiling in flats with a lower ceiling is difficult. Beams and distinctively shaped ceilings are often impossible to execute.

Nonetheless, there are still some practical ceiling styles that can harmonise with most designs.

Read on to find out the basics of ceiling renovation and what available styles are there.


Ceiling renovation: the basics

There are in fact renovation standards for refurbishing the ceiling. If too many of these standards are violated, potential hazards might arise.

When installing support grids, the distance between each anchor bolt should not exceed 1 meter.

For supporting purposes, lightweight steel frames are better than wooden ones since they are more water-resistant and sturdier.

Besides, when fixing the ceiling to the support grids, leaving some gaps between the two can prevent the boards from warping and cracking. The recommended size of the gaps is 5 to 8 millimeters.


Basic styles for a low ceiling


The design of a ceiling can raise a 6/10 house to at least an 8/10. It can in fact unify the entire interior.

Nowadays, available styles for the ceiling are various and changing form day to day. In the example above, the pure, cool white of the ceiling highlights the chic black shapes of the furniture.



European ceiling designs generally aim at conveying a neat, clean stylishness. The down-to-earth ivory colour gives a comforting visual effect, and generates a classic quality in the interior.



Since traditional decorative culture made a comeback in popular aesthetics, we see more home owners adopting a Chinese style interior design when renovating their homes.

Match a dark-coloured traditional pattern with a white or ivory background to to infuse more style into an old design.


Author: decoadmin