Classical English Style For A Sedate Life Attitude


The owner of this apartment is a foreign business executive. As he traveled a lot for business purposes, he often stayed in different hotels. He is fond of the sedate style of the British classic decoration style. After retirement, he decided to have an interior designer to help him build a home with a classical British style.

The main color tone of the apartment is dark wood, creating a strong sense of British classic style. The floor with the stone-gloss texture simulates the feature of the boutique hotel. Together with the specially designed retro furniture, it accurately depicts the dream home of the owner.

Since the homeowner often invite relatives and friends for home gathering, he requested a large space at home. The living room faces the back garden and introduces warm sunlight to the floor-to-ceiling glass, adding a warmth to home. The living room and the dining room is divided with beautiful furniture, making the overall atmosphere more harmonious.

Advancing along the gentle wooden corridor, they are the spacious and elegant kitchen and bar. The floor is divided using white marbles. The overall visual impression is extended with a beautiful mountain shape of the floor. Considering that a family of four prefers light food, the kitchen island is set in the center as if the western cozy dinning atmosphere. At the same time, the designer follows the wall and uses a wooden dining table to place the coffee machine to shape a slow-paced living style.

For the bathroom design, the three bathrooms are all in high-quality as required by the owner through the lustrous texture of the black marble. At the same time, the laser blasting technology is used to create a detailed pattern, adding a touch of luxurious sense. You can refer to the dark wood color and the shiny stone floor to create the classical British style.

Is the British style suitable for the general apartment? We interviewed the decoration consultant, Andy:

“The sedate British style is very distinctive. It is commonly adopted in clubs and universities, but less used in residential apartment. Because the dark furniture and flooring will make the space looks smaller and the lighting requirements is higher. If you really like it the British style but the apartment is small, you can consider other kind of British style.”


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