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JUN 2019

Deco-man launched, deployed across 4 countrys, include Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Philippines 

MAY 2019

Deco-x beta launch. An all new way to product renovation project.

NOV 2018

Deco bar was set up. A community for renovation worker to gather, recruit and host training and event.

OCT 2018

Receive a 10M fund from one of the major property developer.

JUN 2018

Second deco challenge was host in HKTDC.

DEC 2017

DIY and renovation expert Simon and his company School of Renovation Trap  join HK Decoman and became one of our founder.

JUL 2017

The first-ever renovation worker festival, the Deco Challenge was host by HK Decoman in Hong Kong.

MAR 2017

DecoMall, a tools and construction materials specialise mall was online.

FEB 2017

Complete Acquisition of competitor “I need deco” and their founder Andy Lau has join us and became one of our founder.