Grupo Garoa Arquitetos: A Perfect Mash-up of Playfulness and Practicality


What if playfulness and practicality are one and the same thing?

Grupo Garoa Arquitetos, a São Paulo-based architectural studio, materialises this idea with an apartment barely reaching 380 square feet.

In terms of utilising limited space, this design’s flexibility is almost acrobatic.

The results? Absolutely delightful. Scroll on and see it for yourself!


Photographer: Pedro Napolitano Prata (

The owners of this flat are a young couple, consisting of a costume designer and a film director. Needless to say, their aesthetic demands are exceptional compared to other landlords.

Besides, the apartment in question is intended to serve two purposes.

First, to rent the property in online hosting services. And second, to be a temporary base of the couple when the need arises.

This means that the apartment has to look attractive, be easy to clean and able to cater to different living needs.




In this design, the original walls enclosing the kitchen were taken down to integrate and expand the living space.

The concrete dining table and kitchen countertop serve to organise the space into areas for different activities.


Monolithic epoxy flooring

Since the apartment will experience a lot of wear and tear, the choice of material for flooring is a plain white epoxy coating which is both chic and easy to clean.

An breathable aluminium frame is now replacing the old iron window. This effects to open up the area.

The white flooring bounces back the sunlight coming from outside, brightening up the whole apartment.



TV console that is also a wardrobe

The continuity of wood patterns makes this TV console a piece of art to behold.

The wide wooden pattern elongates the space and gives the interior a feeling of spaciousness.

Each compartment of this wardrobe TV console serves different storage purposes. Besides looking incredibly playful, it is also among the most practical items in the whole space.


Modern furnishing

Both the shape of the sofa and the colour of the carpet communicate a Modern vibe.

The sleek lines of the hanging light and the standing light against the white walls are distinctively contemporary.

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Author: decoadmin