Guide to choose the best product: How to choose WD-40 professional grade tools (2)

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Following “Guide to choose the best product: How to choose WD-40 professional grade tools (1)”, we will continue introduce the WD-40 Specialist professional-grade products to help you choose the appropriate lubricant.

Food Grade Silicone Spray

The quick-drying, colorless and odorless WD-40 Specialist Food Grade Silicone Spray is specifically developed for the food production and processing industries. It has passed NSF (National Health Foundation) and is a H1-level certified professional-grade lubricant, rust inhibitor or release agent. Suitable for food production, processing equipment or related equipment. It meets the safety requirements of food processing and manufacturing sites and solves food safety problems caused by misuse of lubricants. Note that this lubricant is not edible.


Product Information: WD -40- Food Grade Silicone Spray WD35007

High Performance Spray Grease

It is officially advertised as long-lasting high-performance spray grease. It is a high-quality lubricant designed for long-term lubrication or corrosion protection applications. After spraying, there will be a transparent amber protective layer on the surface. It has three main selling points. Firstly, it provides excellent load lubrication. Secondly, the non-sagging adhesive force can evenly cover the metal surface, providing perfect lubrication effect. Thirdly, the waterproof sealing effect can greatly improve the long-term performance. It is suitable for various occasions such as home, industry, commerce, as well as outdoor use. Please be aware that this product is only suitable for metal surface.

Guide to choose the best product: How to choose WD-40 professional grade tools (2)

High Performance White Lithium Grease

Decosister has once introduced the WD-40 Specialist High Performance White Lithium Grease. Its high-viscosity and high-performance formula can provide long-term lubricating effect, which is suitable for outdoor environment. It is advertised as a lubricant specially designed for “harsh weather”. The temperature resistance range is from minus 17 degrees Celsius to 148 degrees Celsius.

Lithium grease is white, difficult to dissolve, and not easy to be washed away by water. After spraying on the surface, it will form a tough white high-viscosity protective film with weather resistance and good durability. It is especially suitable for steel chain gears, steel cable conveyor belts, convex shafts, bearings, slide rails, etc. 

Its high and low temperature resistance feature can effectively prevent poor lubrication due to climate change, and it can exert antirust effect for a long time.

Guide to choose the best product: How to choose WD-40 professional grade tools (2)

Rust Release Penetrant

Guide to choose the best product: How to choose WD-40 professional grade tools (2)

This product claims to quickly loosen rusty and stuck screws. After spraying, the surface will leave a protective film with anti-rust and anti-corrosion effects. WD-40’s patented Blu Torch technology has super strong penetrating power, which can quickly remove rust, penetrate deep into the gap, and effectively remove hard rust, grease and dirt. It is especially suitable for rusted, locked bolts and nuts. In addition to metal, it is also suitable for rubber objects. Rust Release Penetrant’s ingredients are free of carcinogenic or suspected carcinogens and contain no reproductive toxins. Want to remove hard rust instantly? Penetrant is all you need!


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