Guide to choose the best product: Which tape is the best to prevent window from breaking? How to remove tape residue on the windows?


Most of the people will tape a big “X” on the window to prevent it from breaking. However, not every type of tape can protect the glass windows. Most of the tapes cannot protect windows at all. If you want to prevent the windows from breaking, you should use duct tape. What is duct tape? Let’s understand what it is first.

Different ingredients of tape

Some tapes are particularly strong, and some are weak. The strength lies in the difference in materials. Tape is a combination of glue (adhesive) and paper (base material). The base material is not adhesive. It becomes tape when the glue is added during production. There are many kinds of base materials, such as paper, plastic, cloth, foam plastic, metal, fur, rubber, glass and so on. There are various types of glues as well. The following are the most common glues:

Acrylic adhesive: Acrylic adhesive has better weather resistance and faster adhesion.

Epoxy resin: Epoxy resin is also called artificial resin, resin glue. The advantages are strong adhesion, high toughness and weather resistance.

Rubber-based adhesive: The advantage of a rubber-based adhesive is that it is very soft.

Silicone adhesive: Silicone resin is a polymer between organic and inorganic. Its advantages are good softness and flame resistance.

Polyurethane and Isocyanate adhesive: polyurethane/isocyanate adhesive has good softness, high durability, and impact resistance.

It is difficult to distinguish as there are many types of tapes in the market. Fortunately, most of the adhesive tapes will indicate the use, so don’t worry about buying the wrong one. If you want to buy a tape to prevent windows from breaking, you should use duct tape.

Use duct tape to reduce the shattering effect of windows

Most of the adhesive tape can be attached to the glass surface. But some may leave the tape residue on windows that is difficult to remove. The selling point of wrinkled tape is that you can write on it and it is easy to tear off. However, as it is paper, it breaks easily when pulling it hard. Thus, wrinkled tape is definitely not suitable for windproof effect. The selling point of packing tape is soft, easy to deform and fast to stick. But it is not suitable for windproof effect either. As duct tape has high tenacity, it is the most suitable one.

Remove the adhesive tape as soon as possible after the typhoon

The adhesive paste on the tape will slowly dissolve under direct sunlight generally. Even the UV-proof adhesive tape cannot be completely immune to sunlight. In the event of typhoon, we should put duct tape on windows to prevent shattering effect and remove it as soon as possible afterwards to prevent the tape residue to leave on windows.


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Author: decoadmin