Minimalist and wooden style for ultimate comfort

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This residence is located in Bangkok, Thailand and the owner is a doctor. In order to welcome the new baby, they decided to purchase a new home and give it a renovation. After some efforts by the designer, they decided to name their home as “Ari House”. Ari has a goodwill and harmonious meaning in Thai. It means that with the new decoration of the new home, everyone in the family can enjoy the happiness and get along with each other.

Minimalist and wooden style for ultimate comfort

As the owner is a doctor who is always busy at work and seldom has time to stay at home, thus he cherishes the time to spend with the family very much. In view of this, the designer decided to use wooden style to decorate the house for comfort with pure white as the main structure, equipped with a large number of wood decorations and furnishings to create a quiet and relaxing living environment, so that the family can feel enjoy the harmony of nature while staying at home. 

Minimalist and wooden style for ultimate comfort

The designer added a modern touch to the windows to create a visual point, making the exterior of the building simple but not monotonous. In the interior design, a patio courtyard is set in the middle of the house, and many green elements such as fishponds and trees are added to make the simple and exquisite home more vital and create a home that can breathe.

Minimalist and wooden style for ultimate comfort

In addition to this, there is also a large public space at home for children to play around. The most special thing is that the ceiling above the living room has been changed into a rope bed, so that parents can watch the children’s play while resting in the living room. This design integrates the space of play and leisure, connecting the different corners of the home, and strengthening the family bonding time.

Minimalist and wooden style for ultimate comfort

As the home space is usually small in Hong Kong, it is difficult to create a natural feeling by integrating large plants and fishponds. However, we can have inspiration from the color combination, matching pure white and wood color and adding some potted plants to for decoration to create a similar effect. If you want to get a desirable result, finding the right designer is the key to success.


Source: Greenbox Design


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