Provence Style: The beauty of French Mediterranean


Following space age style and modern tribal style, we will introduce the beauty of French Mediterranean, Provence style.

Provence is a warm country town located in the south of France, close to the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for its magnificent scenery, spiced food, blue sea and bright sunshine. Due to regional advantages, Provence style itself has mixed elements, including French elegance and Mediterranean style passion. It emphasizes the traces of antiquity, like telling an old story. Provence style makes people feel warm and comfortable, revealing a lazy lifestyle.

Use of colour

The walls and ceilings are generally in soft colours in Provence style, with white as the main colour tone. If you want to emphasize the warmth of the country style, you can consider using bright warm colours, such as goose yellow, olive, lavender, sunflower to create a feeling of eternal summer and the hot southern France.

Use of texture 

In order to match the Provence country and French style, classical retro tiles are the must elements. The floor tiles in Provence are laid on the wall or the ground with different shapes using hand-collage. Different materials and the skill of hand collage create a rustic but lively atmosphere. Try to choose warm colours for the tiles, such as reddish brown, old yellowish white, or the mix of black, grey and blue.

Floral wallpaper and brick walls are indispensable in creating rustic country style. In Provence style, many people like to use floral wallpaper or cultured stone to make the feature wall. Laying cultured stone wall behind the TV can be a highlight at home, yet not too fancy. And sticking floral wallpaper in the bedroom can create a warm and girly feeling.

In addition to the pure white wall or the fancy floral feature wall, rustic feeling is also one of the characteristics of Provence style. The earthen wall in the kitchen can show a natural and rough texture. No need further decoration, it makes people as if being in the ancient French kitchen under soft or natural light.

Use of materials

Wood is the focus of Provence style. The furniture in Provence style is mostly wooden. The chair beside the dining table must be a rustic wooden chair, whether it is white or wooden. The finishing of the furniture should refer to the French style, most of which are simple curves and carvings, rarely with straight lines, to create a sense of elegance.

Provence is flowers and plants loving place. Many streets and squares in the city are named after flowers and plants. The materials for the floral arrangement are usually in wrought iron and pottery. Put a carved chandelier made of wrought iron on top of the dining table to create a classic style. Coupled with the old clay pots as decorations to bring out the old and elegant feeling of Provence.

Provence also emphasizes retro texture. Just like Shabby Chic, antique furniture is an essential element. The faded floral line wooden cabinets and chairs can bring out the beauty of retro simplicity.

Interior design

The houses in Provence retain the structure left by the eaves of the old houses. Similar to the Mediterranean style, the ceiling has horizontal wooden beams. Although it is a structure left over from an ancient building, in fact, many people have added wooden beams to modern new houses. The practical nature of wooden beams can be transformed into a decorative purpose for creating style.

Arched door frames often appear in Provence style. This is a unique arch from the Mediterranean. The curved door frame makes the vision more attractive, and it can be used to separate different spaces, making the space more open and layered.

In addition to the Mediterranean style influencing the Provence style of space design, the European French style also influences the Provence style. In my previous article, I mentioned that the European classical point, line and surface architectural craftsmanship emphasizes the left-right symmetry and the harmonious proportions of upper and lower sides. Provence style also absorbed the symmetrical aesthetics of French interior design.

The living room, bathroom, etc. will be designed in a symmetrical to create a visually harmonious look.

Decoration arrangement

As mentioned earlier, Provence has a Mediterranean climate. Lush vegetation and vineyards are everywhere. Thus, floral decorations cannot be missed to add vitality to the atmosphere. In addition to colourful flowers, you can consider placing easy-to-care green plants such as cacti. If you can improve the appearance of the structure, adding rattan plants can enhance the Provence style.

As Provence style is influenced by the French palace, you can add some luxurious decorative objects to the space, furniture and decorations, such as some gorgeous wrought iron chandeliers, wall lamps, mirrors with delicate collage frames, tableware and so on to add a touch of elegancy to the warm country style.

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