Renovating Your Home? Check Out These 7 Decor Trends That Will Rule 2020


Put your hands up in the air if you just don’t care. Or, on a serious note, if your home is a continually evolving mix of all the things you love – as it should be.

Just like each year witnesses changes in many fashion trends (some old, some fresh), we see new emerging home decor trends each year, that tempt us to update our homes – rather than change them entirely.

Planning to give your house a makeover in 2020? Then, bring out your velvet cushions, welcome new industrial lighting pieces, and get your hands on some art deco furniture. Here are seven trends to take note of. We strongly believe these’ll rule the year 2020.

Come, let’s take a look!

1. Maximalism Is Having A Moment

Photo courtesy: Urban Clap

Photo courtesy: Urban Clap

With all the emphasis on minimalism in the past few years, we knew it had to roll over for the next big thing. Today, home décor is all about showcasing.

Maximalism promotes repetition, patterns, bold palettes, intricate graphic details, and one-of-a-kind possessions. 2020 is the time to transform one’s home into a personal museum of sorts and utilizing your space in the boldest way possible.

Think heirlooms that were passed on, souvenirs from exotic locales and paraphernalia you’ve accumulated at fairs and flea markets – it all goes on display. While this might seem extra on paper, if done with a little bit of restraint, it can look very put together. It’s all in the details!

2. Wallpapers Get Bolder

Photo courtesy: Pinterest

Photo courtesy: OnShopDeals

Modern wallpaper may sound like a paradox if you associate wall coverings with that stuff, outdated, impossible-to-pluck remains from your grandma’s house. But wallpaper, and perhaps the décor industry, is loosening up from embracing nostalgia.

Translation – Modern wallpapers are trending.

They have made painted accent walls irrelevant in the industry; which means it’s time to be bold and show those walls some love. Wallpapers featuring floral motifs, geometric patterns, cheeky print and large-scale designs are the new way to add a pop of glam to your space.

3. Home Lighting Gets A Touch Of Industrialism

Industrial design is inspired by the efficient and utilitarian architecture of early factories and manufacturing plants. It’s an ode to the times of steampunk that saw cobblers, blacksmiths and the invention of the steam train.

Industrial-style lighting manages to combine functional simplicity with visually exciting elements, such as exposed wires and nailheads, casters, and grainy reclaimed woods.

While the industrial look is a style all its own, it’s easy to blend industrial elements with nearly any other design style. Rustic, transitional, bohemian, traditional – all spaces look sharp with industrial lighting scattered throughout, from statement pieces such as chandeliers and pendant lights to subtler accents such as flush mounts, sconces or bulb holders.

Photo courtesy: Amazon

Photo courtesy: GumTree

4. Goodbye All-White Interiors

It’s been a nice, long run but I think it’s safe to say we’ve hit white-out fatigue when it comes to interior design. True, it’s a classic aesthetic that looks stunning with marble & gold hardware, or with hints of umber. 2019 was the fifth or sixth year where white walls reigned supreme.

And although a bright, clean slate will always be a smart and attractive move for certain spaces, we’re ready for colour again; and 2020 is forecasted to provide just that via modern glam.

Colour and pattern add a charismatic look and a sense of warmth that beats minimalism every time. We encourage you to experiment with patterns and textures and create reflective moments with lighting, mirrors, and a few key pieces of art.

Photo courtesy: The Pinnacle List

Photo courtesy: Sukio

5. Hello Art-Deco

Art Deco hit its peak in the 1920s and 30s; in recent years the style has made a comeback. Taking 2020 by storm, it is dominating the luxury interior design market thanks to its elegant, sophisticated aesthetic.

It underscores geometric patterns and curves, luxe materials and fabrics, and an overall more feminineglamorous look than the modish mid-century modern.

You can bet you’ll be seeing plenty with art deco vibes in the coming year, featuring vertical linessunburst and Greek key patterns, and lacquered finishes.

Photo courtesy: Peerspace

Photo courtesy: Homepolish

6. Velvet Furnishings Continue To Rule High

The trend of velvet fabric has been going strong since last fall. Earlier it was seen as old fashioned and stuffy, but now it’s viewed as luxurious yet funky.

Even if you don’t follow trends, there are so many reasons to bring velvet into your space. Not only is velvet a timeless material, but it also adds a lot of warmth and texture to any interior.

Warmingly seductive, velvet sofas and beds are some of the most coveted ways to bring the posh look home. This multi-dimensional fabric has garnered quite an attention for adding pizzazz. Many designers believe velvet decor will be one of the most sought-after trends in 2020.

Photo courtesy: Domus Nova

Photo courtesy: One Kings Lane

7. Personal Style Conquers Picture-Perfect Pics

Earlier, we had a handful of magazine subscriptions featuring luxury house tours, and we had to wait until the next month for more. However, this led to a culture where people fell victim to a sort of imitation game and ended up sharing similarly-styled spaces because that’s what performed well.

Not anymore!

The influx of social media today has completely changed how we research and discover home design ideas. Now, there is limitless inspiration at our fingertips — which is a good thing.

Taking guidance from bloggers and influencers and YouTubers, people are embracing creativity to embody a style that is different yet defining. From incorporating travels or adventures via souvenirs and memorabilia cabinets to displaying large bookshelves that speak of one’s bibliophilia to even interiors inspired by popular television shows, the trend is to flaunt style pieces that gravitate towards the owners’ personality.

This is one trend we highly recommend following. You never know what realization about your taste you might come to by following your inspiration sources.

Photo courtesy: Interior Collective

Photo courtesy: Interior Collective

So, folks, these were the seven décor trends that we believe will rule 2020. We’ll end this post with a tip – Apart from refreshing your home with the hot and happening, renovating your home is a chance to build the place that welcomes the energy you wish to attract.

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Author: RenoTalk

Renotalk is the leading home & living platform that connects a thriving community of property owners with reliable interior designers, contractors, brand owners, and product merchants who offer a wide range of home improvement education, services and deals to make the building and designing process easier, more exciting and more affordable.