Space Age Style: Avant-garde and retro space age home


After the modern tribal style and dark Nordic style, we are going to introduce the nostalgic and futuristic style, Space age style.

In the 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union engaged in a fierce space race. Research has shortened the distance between humans and space, making cultural and artistic design obsessed with space, including interior design. This style carries the space dream of human. This futuristic design not only suitable for office, but home.


The design of space tends to be simple. If you want to inject the image of the space capsule at home, try to keep everything smooth texture. Regardless of the furniture or the cabinet, keep it as smooth as possible and eliminate the delicate patterns to create the high-tech feeling.


Streamline is a necessary element of the future. Whether the furniture, wall or ceiling, a sleek and streamlined design should be used, for example, stepped ceilings, irregular door frames and so on. Patchwork with geometric figures increases the sense of flow, creating a sense of smoothness and unlimited extension.

The above picture uses a large area of grey concrete pattern for wall body and a streamlined white wall as a border to create a futuristic feature wall, achieving the effect of dividing space.


Space age style uses white as the main colour tone to increase transparency. If you are afraid that the white tone is too cold and dull, you can add one or two highly saturated colours. White brings out the coldness of technology, while bright colours can adjust the temperature. 

Although the style of furniture is somewhat similar to mid-century modernism, space age style will not use too many colours. It mainly uses white and a little bit of bright colours to bring out a cool yet lively technology sense. Dark colours are rarely used unlike mid-century modernism.

Scattered light

Space age style uses less direct light and mostly indirect lighting. Hiding the LED light strip behind the wall, the light penetrates from the ceiling of the wall in a straight and horizontal path. You can also use a slender soft light to connect the wall to the floor from the ceiling, to shape the flow and scattering image with the uninterrupted light source, bringing out the space-forward sci-fi atmosphere.

Furniture design

If you find that space age style is too demanding for decoration, you may consider starting with furniture. Space age style often appears in American restaurants. Bright colours, spherical shapes, streamlines and simple geometric shapes are widely used in furniture.

A unique chair cannot be missed in space age style. This ball chair is exceptionally famous in space age style. The ball-shaped PVC chair back and the bright-coloured seat cushion immediately increase the sense of space and design.

In addition to the designer chair, there are other options. As long as the furniture is made of white PVC and fiberglass, streamlined, with metal elements, the sleek shape and the plastic material can create a low-key but very dazzling sense of space age style.

There are also a lot of lamps with a sense of space. The space age style mixes the concept of the nuclear era in the 1940s, and many furniture designs at that time appear spherical.

This Bolle bubble lighting made by mouth blowing technology is composed of multiple glass spheres. The clear texture makes the light softer, in line with the space age style, which can definitely become the feature item on dining table.

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