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Three tips to choosing the best toilet

In order to make everyone familiar with home knowledge, we have done a lot of tests. In this article, we summarize the test results and share three factors that should


Smart Lighting Systems: What’s good about them?

Intelligent lighting systems utilise technology like motion detection and intelligent monitoring to control the interior’s lighting. It simply removes the hassle of having to switch the lights on and off.


Thermo Ventilators: What Do They Do?

In the humid season of spring, moisture gets trapped in small confinements like bathrooms, where there is hardly space for large appliances like dehumidifiers. This can prove quite troublesome to


Gas Stove VS Induction Cooker: A Breakdown

What makes a delicious meal? Doesn’t matter if you have the best quality ingredients, the most appreciative guests. If you don’t have a happy cooking experience, the food you make


How to Use the Dehumidifier: 5 Points

In a place as humid as Hong Kong, the dehumidifier is used in both springtime and summertime. Excessive humidity in the house can cause rapid bacterial growth and harm your


How to Choose a Washing Machine

We all know there are two main types of washing machines: top-load and front-load. Their difference not only lies in where the lid is, but also their internal structures, washing