Warm White, Cool White: How to Choose a Suitable Colour Temperature for Each Space in the House

Since the revolutionary idea of Human Centric Lighting, the planning of lighting in the house has become an issue closely related to our health and wellbeing. We now know that a wrong colour temperature of lighting for the occasion can harm our eyes, and sometimes even our natural sleep pattern. Warm white or cool white, that … Read more

How to Choose Your Material: Dispelling the Myths about LED Blue Light and Light Flicker

In previous articles we talked about different types of lighting these days and delved into the properties of the LED light bulb. After reading about the merits of the LED light bulb, has this thought ever occurred to you? ‘This LED lighting solution is too good to be true.’ Upon further research, you might have … Read more

How to Choose Your Material: Overview – 3 Main Types of Electric Lighting

In Hong Kong there are 3 types of common light bulbs available on the market. The LED light bulb has become the mainstream choice of lighting in the recent years, and it appears that it is the future of lighting. The LED’s relatively expensive price might put off some potential users, but wait until you … Read more