5 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen and Get More Space

(Guest Writer: Jeremy Hood) Clutter. There is nothing worse than a kitchen full of clutter. I remember my days of having to nose dive into a mountain of pots and pans to find that one last non-stick fryer that cooks my eggs just the way I like them. Or having wade through a sea of peelers, … Read more

What Plants Should You Have In Your House: Best Indoor Plants

When you embellish your interior with plants, you don’t just make it greener. Plants are the living organisms that interact with your body, soul, and mind, making them healthy. Plants have the magical power to bring energy and positivity to our lives. They improve the quality of our life and bring natural happiness to our … Read more

Ultimate Guide: Your Kitchen’s Layout and Configurations

A good kitchen is where you minimise the steps needed to get a task done. Whether you are working with a small apartment kitchen or spacious one in a landed home, take note of the work triangle: hob, sink and refrigerator. The key is to keep the space among the three compact for greater efficiency. … Read more

8 Most Important Things About Your Bathroom Renovation

Do you know? The bathroom is where we start and end our day with our basic hygiene tasks  and the only place where it offers true, personal solitude. Hence, aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is the next workhorse of the house. The bathroom should provide the basic features to carry out the necessary hygiene tasks … Read more

Renovation Budgeting: The Importance of Planning Ahead

Based on our professionals’ experience in the renovation industry, on average, home owners give their home a thorough makeover once every ten years. Therefore, when home owners try to plan ahead for a project, they should think about what needs of theirs might arise in the coming ten years. It is no easy task to … Read more

Designing the Study Room: 5 Points of Consideration

A place for work, learning and relaxation, a well-designed study room increases both your productivity and quality of life. Ideally, the study room should maintain a sense of tranquility for the stimulation of thoughts. How exactly can you make a space like that for yourself? Deco-Man’s here to give you some tips.   Spatial design … Read more