When Should You Replace Your Mattress? 8 Signs To Look Out For

(Guest Writer: Dimple Malhotra)  Mattresses are often a significant investment, so people try to use them for as long as they can. But that is not healthy. Another thing that people believe is that you should replace your mattress after 10 years, which is again a myth. The idle time period is said to be seven years. That being said, … Read more

Guide to choose the best product: How to choose WD-40 professional grade tools (3)

After introducing the WD-40 professional grade tools (1) and (2), in this article, we will focus on three special products from WD-40 Specialist. Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil This WD-40 Professional Series Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil is a lubricant designed for metal work and processing work. Its main function is to reduce the frictional strength caused by metal-to-metal … Read more

How to Choose Your Material: Wood Varnish

Wood varnish is a kind of coating you can apply to wood surfaces to protect, even alter their colours. To choose a quality varnish, there are various aspects of the material you have to consider. Read on to find out what you should know before making a purchase.   Packaging and specifications For water-based varnish, … Read more

How to Choose Your Material: Marble

Marble is prized for its unique natural pattern and texture. It is a popular flooring and wall material among home owners. On the market there are natural and artificial marble. The price corresponds to the quality and manufacture processes. How do you discern the quality of these marble materials? Deco-Man’s got you covered, read on! … Read more

How to Choose Your Material: Door Veneering

Veneering is a must for all doors, with the exception of solid wood doors, which only requires protective lacquering. Veneering means to apply a thin layer of material to an object’s surface to improve its appearance and even out the texture. There are three common types of veneering material: wood, liquid coating and acrylic.   … Read more

How to Choose Your Material: Wallpaper

In the realm of renovation materials, new technology emerges everyday and old, inefficient ways get eliminated. To catch up with trends, manufacturers in Hong Kong look for new materials to introduce to the local market. But the myriads of novel materials did not eliminate this well-seasoned member of renovation materials, the wallpaper. Its key to … Read more

Granite vs Quartz – Which is better?

Image via: Stone Amperor One of the most crucial things to consider when designing renovations for your new BTO or HDB flat is your kitchen countertop. It is essential that you choose a material that is tough enough to withstand the daily cutting, chopping, and cooking work. The kitchen countertop is typically large in size; hence, it constitutes … Read more

How to Choose Your Material: Inspecting the Quality of Your Tiles

When purchasing tiles, most people only consider the tiles’ patterns and colours. But how to lay the tiles to create the visual effect you wanted? And how do you ascertain the quality of the tiles? Let’s find out!   With the naked eye Take a sample tile and examine whether the surface is cracked, scratched … Read more

How to Choose Your Material: 6 Things You Need to Know About WD-40

WD-40, aspirin, bleach. What do these things have in common? They are multi-purpose; everyone uses them; and most importantly, people often misunderstand their original intended purposes, thus misuse them. Panadol does not cure infection, bleach does not get rid of dirt, and WD-40 is not a lubricant. The name WD-40 is short for ‘water displacement, … Read more

How to Choose Your Material: Engineered Wood – What do E0 and E1 mean?

So your bedroom has an unconventional shape and you haven’t been able to find the perfect bookshelf for your room. You then consider getting them tailor-made and have found a nice furniture factory in mainland China. One of the questions the factory will ask you is which material you prefer your bookshelf to be made … Read more