Warm White, Cool White: How to Choose a Suitable Colour Temperature for Each Space in the House

Since the revolutionary idea of Human Centric Lighting, the planning of lighting in the house has become an issue closely related to our health and wellbeing. We now know that a wrong colour temperature of lighting for the occasion can harm our eyes, and sometimes even our natural sleep pattern. Warm white or cool white, that … Read more

Designing the Study Room: 5 Points of Consideration

A place for work, learning and relaxation, a well-designed study room increases both your productivity and quality of life. Ideally, the study room should maintain a sense of tranquility for the stimulation of thoughts. How exactly can you make a space like that for yourself? Deco-Man’s here to give you some tips.   Spatial design … Read more

The Revolutionary Spark: Human Centric Lighting

Cool lighting sharpens perception, ups productivity; warm lighting relaxes the mind, creates a comfy environment. General truths are helpful, but only up to a point. The matter of lighting is more complicated than you think. Concerning how to choose lighting products, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is the trending topic you shouldn’t miss. The study of … Read more