Homes designed in white color tend to have that picturesque quality that makes them magazine-spread worthy! They’re minimal, stylish, and look totally fashionable. So if you’re searching for some inspiration in this regard, you’ll love the 5 inspirations we’ve got lined up for you right here! Let’s take a look: 1. A COMPARTMENTALIZED BEDROOM Interior … Read more

7 Great Interior Decor Home Improvement Ideas

(Guest Writer: Ivas Cristian) You’re never really finished on modeling your house, are you? There is always something to add here, some new items to put on the shelf or a new remodeling idea floating around somewhere in your brain. For some people, it’s just a hard switch to flip. Others can look at a … Read more


Monochrome is a home design trend that is here to stay in 2020 as well. Neutral hues, classic designs, and edgy tones will make you fall in love with your interior. Further, monochrome tone with minimalist style amp up your space many times and increases its curb appeal. Moreover, the monochrome design, combined with minimalist, … Read more

Renovating Your Home? Check Out These 7 Decor Trends That Will Rule 2020

Put your hands up in the air if you just don’t care. Or, on a serious note, if your home is a continually evolving mix of all the things you love – as it should be. Just like each year witnesses changes in many fashion trends (some old, some fresh), we see new emerging home … Read more

Classical English Style For A Sedate Life Attitude

The owner of this apartment is a foreign business executive. As he traveled a lot for business purposes, he often stayed in different hotels. He is fond of the sedate style of the British classic decoration style. After retirement, he decided to have an interior designer to help him build a home with a classical … Read more

The Japanese style interior design tips with harmony, respect, purity and tranquility

Japanese interior design always brings a sense of harmony and tranquility. Under the influence of reconciling beauty and light and shadow effects, the home can be rich in design and colors. In the Japanese style interior design and materials sharing session that was held last Friday, the designer Andrew Lam shared his experience with Japanese … Read more

Scandinavian Interiors – Big NO NOs

Our interior style is such a misconceived phenomenon. Since we at Möbler – Scandinavian Vintage, often receive the question what Scandinavian interior style really is, we wish to clarify. Instead of writing a long list of DOs, we focus on the DONTs. Image © Möbler – Scandinavian Vintage We realize, for many non-Scandinavians the style has become … Read more

9 Ways to Combine Your Kitchen Island and Dining Table in Style

There are plenty of pros when it comes to a kitchen island-dining table hybrid. One, it saves more space than if you were to have a separate kitchen island and dining table. Two, the dining side can sometimes double as extra prep area or the island can also work as extra seating when you have … Read more