What You Need to Know about Kitchen Lighting

When it comes to planning your kitchen lighting, most of us tend to leave it to the professionals. But it pays to learn the basics, since it allows you to better communicate your requirements to your interior designer. Lighting is a key aspect of an efficient kitchen and it also plays a big part in … Read more

Lighting Selection Guide

Lighting is a must-have element for every home, but most people despise the influence of lighting on the overall design and atmosphere at home. To understand the effect of light to people, we must first understand what color temperature is. Different types of light have different colors due to different wavelengths. The color of a … Read more

How to Choose Your Material: Overview – 3 Main Types of Electric Lighting

In Hong Kong there are 3 types of common light bulbs available on the market. The LED light bulb has become the mainstream choice of lighting in the recent years, and it appears that it is the future of lighting. The LED’s relatively expensive price might put off some potential users, but wait until you … Read more

Designing the Study Room: 5 Points of Consideration

A place for work, learning and relaxation, a well-designed study room increases both your productivity and quality of life. Ideally, the study room should maintain a sense of tranquility for the stimulation of thoughts. How exactly can you make a space like that for yourself? Deco-Man’s here to give you some tips.   Spatial design … Read more

The Revolutionary Spark: Human Centric Lighting

Cool lighting sharpens perception, ups productivity; warm lighting relaxes the mind, creates a comfy environment. General truths are helpful, but only up to a point. The matter of lighting is more complicated than you think. Concerning how to choose lighting products, Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is the trending topic you shouldn’t miss. The study of … Read more