Kitchen Countertop : At The Heart Of Your Home

There are many countertops options on the market. It can become challenging to make the right choice, but with the right advice and information, the decision to choose a countertop might seem more manageable. Interior designers and homeowners alike have gone way beyond granite. They will use just about anything for island and kitchen countertops. Granite might … Read more

8 Super Hardworking Kitchen Pantry Ideas to Get Inspired By

A must-have for every kitchen, the kitchen pantry is a flexible superstar that provides a catchall for everything from your everyday appliances and wares to your dried herbs and canned foods. Ranging from stylish tall-boy units to space-saving corner shelves, here are some of our favourite kitchen pantries we found in Singapore homes. 1. Walk-in … Read more

Skirting Board Colours: What Should You Consider?

Do not underestimate the aesthetic effect skirting boards can bring to the interior. They can give structure to the space, visually enlarge or shrink it by lengthening and shortening the geometric lines in the interior. Despite its power to balance the colours of the interior, skirting boards are often an overlooked part of renovation. Skirting … Read more

How to Choose Paint Colours for Each Space in Your Home

When deciding a colour for painting the walls, first you should consider your requirements of functionality and aesthetics. Besides, you should also consider the nature of the space and the specific decorations there will be. As a general rule of thumb, the colour of the bedroom and the dining room should be warm and soft. … Read more

Ceiling Renovation: The Most Practical Styles for Low Ceilings

The ceiling as the fifth wall of the house plays an important part in completing the style of the interior design. Most home owners pay a lot of effort to match the colours of the furniture and the walls, while neglecting the importance of a matching ceiling. Creating a stylistic ceiling in flats with a … Read more

Base Coats and Primers: Why Are They Important?

A lot of homeowners overlook the importance of base-coating their walls. In fact, base-coating your wall has more functions than you’d imagined. The base coat seeps into the pores on the wall, attaches itself to the wall surface and adheres the top coat tightly to the wall. In other words, it is the bridging element … Read more

5 Ways to Soundproof the Bedroom

It’s bedtime, finally you can take a rest, drift into peaceful oblivion. And then the noise comes, louder and louder as your ears adjust to the quiet of the night. The traffic outside, the clicking of doors, chatting, neighbours upstairs dropping things on the floor… To protect your sleep, the bedroom must be thoroughly soundproofed. … Read more

What You Should Know About These 5 Types of Bed

Who doesn’t need a good bed? Everyday we spend a third of our time in bed. Being the safeguard of our sleep and overall wellbeing, the bed as an essential household item is worth investing on. When purchasing a bed, make sure a warranty is included in the price you pay. It is more advisable … Read more