4 Ways to Make Use of Empty Corners

A space often overlooked in renovation: empty corners. Corner spaces are usually forgotten, neglected spaces. But really, home owners should never underestimate what a well-used corner space can do for the interior. Not only does it increase storage capacity and freshen up the interior, a stylishly-decorated corner can up the classiness of your home as … Read more

5 Study Room Feng Shui Mistakes You Would Rather Not Make

While it’s not the most important room in your home, you’d best take care not to commit these Feng Shui errors that make studying a chore! Image courtesy of PRODUCE On average, the study room is not as frequently used compared to the kitchen, bedroom and a home’s main entrance, which is why it’s not considered … Read more

Designing the Study Room: 5 Points of Consideration

A place for work, learning and relaxation, a well-designed study room increases both your productivity and quality of life. Ideally, the study room should maintain a sense of tranquility for the stimulation of thoughts. How exactly can you make a space like that for yourself? Deco-Man’s here to give you some tips.   Spatial design … Read more