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Have you ever heard of the magnetic board from Germantops? We have talked about the formica previously. In this article, I will introduce the classification of magnetic board serious and the installation precautions. A magnetic board is sandwiched between the magnetic board from Germantops. In addition to writing and attaching magnets on the surface, magnetic board are also easy to clean and can be widely used at home, children rooms, office buildings, and schools for writing, projection screens, or door panels. If you and your children like to draw or put magnets on the wall, the magnetic board series from Germantops will be a must-have item at your home!

Magnetic board classification

Magnetic board classification comes in four colors with different finishes, including glossy white, matte black, matte green, and kraft paper (for paint or wallpaper). All four magnetic boards can be integrated into home design, which is both stylish and functional.

【揀料攻略 】西德磁板:將牆身變黑板 子女畫花洗得甩(上)

MH 114 is kraft paper, which can be spray painted or painted with brush.

【揀料攻略 】西德磁板:將牆身變黑板 子女畫花洗得甩(上)

MH 111 is white glossy, which can only be painted with water pen.

【揀料攻略 】西德磁板:將牆身變黑板 子女畫花洗得甩(上)

MH 113 is green matte, which can only be painted with chalk.

【揀料攻略 】西德磁板:將牆身變黑板 子女畫花洗得甩(上)

MH 115 is black matte, which can only be painted with chalk.

Installation precautions for magnetic board

If you are interested in installing this magnetic board at home, you can follow the MH 114 magnetic board instruction showed in this article.

【揀料攻略 】西德磁板:將牆身變黑板 子女畫花洗得甩(上)

1.Make sure the wall is flat before installation. If the wall is flat and thick enough, you can use a thin 8mm board. If the wall is too thin, use thin board and short nails. If the wall is too uneven, use a thicker board to prevent the nails from penetrating the wall.

【揀料攻略 】西德磁板:將牆身變黑板 子女畫花洗得甩(上)

2.After the board is installed on the wall, both the board and the magnetic board need to be coated with super glue. The super glue is very easy to dry, so you need to use a plate to quickly spread it out. 

【揀料攻略 】西德磁板:將牆身變黑板 子女畫花洗得甩(上)

You can buy this plate board from the hardware shop. Its large pit pattern is suitable for flooring projects that require a lot of super glue, but it is not suitable for wooden boards and magnetic boards.

【揀料攻略 】西德磁板:將牆身變黑板 子女畫花洗得甩(上)

The wooden board and the magnetic board are smooth, so only a thin layer of super glue is needed to adhere. The finer the pit pattern, the more the super glue can be spread thinner and more evenly.

【揀料攻略 】西德磁板:將牆身變黑板 子女畫花洗得甩(上)
【揀料攻略 】西德磁板:將牆身變黑板 子女畫花洗得甩(上)
3.You can stick it on after the super glue on both sides is dry. Remember to use a hammer across the board to ensure that the magnetic board is firmly fixed on the board.


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