Tips to choose materials: The beautiful and practical fire-retardant laminate from Germantops


What is Germantops fire-retardant laminate 

The merits of the fire-retardant laminate are that it will not be burnt through even it is on fire. I can slow down the time when the fire spreads on the surface, and it will not generate toxic gases when burnt. There are also advantages in term of maintenance for fire-retardant laminate, including scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean, hard, can be used as fire doors, wall, countertops, cabinet doors, doors, etc.

The fire-retardant laminate is a decorative material produced by high-tech chemicals. The color paper and kraft paper are impregnated with melamine resin and phenolic resin respectively, and then tightly combined with a high pressure of 100 kg/cm 2 and a high temperature of 150 °C for 90 minutes.

Germantops is a Hong Kong brand. The fire-retardant laminate is mainly imported from Japan, South Korea, Italy, Germany’s top fire-retardant laminate companies. Their door panels are guaranteed for ten years, showing its excellent quality. 

There are four patterns for the fire-retardant laminate, which are monochrome, color, wood and metal. We will focus on illustrating the 7 surfaces of the fire-retardant laminate from Germantops in this article.


The 7 types of surfaces of the fire-retardant laminate from Germantops

  1. Glossy surface. It is suitable for vertical planes. The surface is very smooth, and the degree of reflection is high.

  1. Bead surface. The surface comes with a little particle texture. It is wear-resistance, heat resistance, with strong protection and long service life. It is the best choice for the countertop.

  1. Brushed surface. You can see there are dense brushed straight lines on the surface. The finished effect is gentle, smooth and natural. The picture shows metal brushed surface.

  1. Soft surface. The matte surface with smooth surface treatment has versatile use. The picture shows a wood pattern soft surface.

  1. Stone-like surface. The surface pattern is an imitation to mudstone with natural and concave texture and rough touch.

  1. Ultra-matte surface. The two ultra-matte series from Magic touch & Polaris are worth mentioning. The laminate can be completely recovered with a rub using fingers even having a sharp scratch on it. This is a new technology. The surface protective film is different from the general fireproof laminate in production, especially scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint.

  1. Synchronous pattern. The first image shows a normal fire-retardant laminate, and the second picture shows a synchronous pattern fire-retardant laminate. The former one is pressed with different wood grain and versatile concave-convex steel plates to give it a natural texture. The concave and convex of the latter steel plate are all carved according to the texture of the colored paper. The steel surface is synchronized with the pattern, and it has a similar natural texture of the wood. The appearance of the synchronous pattern laminate is to make up for the lack of veneer. Since the veneer is natural, each color is different, and there is a sense of inconsistency when used. The synchronous surface makes up for this shortcoming. The color is more consistent and harmonious. In addition to the simulated wood grain pit pattern, it is more durable and cheaper. 

Magnetic, the surface can be used as whiteboard and blackboard

In addition to the techniques mentioned above, another series of Germantops is magnetic laminate. There is a piece of iron in the magnetic laminate, which is an ideal choice of people who like to put decorative magnets on furniture and walls.

You can use a whiteboard pen to write on a Germantops white magnetic laminate. The handwriting can be easily erased. And you can use the chalk to write on the Germantops black magnetic laminate as well. These two products are great for families with children at home. 

Create edge-sealing technology without black lines on the door panel

The traditional door panels have black lines, which may not be aesthetically pleasing to users who have higher requirements.

The new technology can achieve a seamless edge-sealing effect, which greatly enhances the look and feel.


The quality of Germantops is guaranteed. With the new technology, their fire-retardant laminate is more durable and versatile. In addition, in case of fire accidents, the laminate is fire-proof and will not release toxic elements. If you are choosing the materials for wall, countertop and cabinet door, we suggest Germantops!


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