Tips to choose the best product: Should we use white light or yellow light in kitchen? The decoration consultant will teach you how to match the color temperature!


We get up to work at sunrise and get rest at sunset. If you choose the wrong color temperature, it may hurt your eyes and seriously affect your health.

For those who pursue a healthy life, you should think about lighting design at home. It can improve the overall design and atmosphere of your home while improve your life at the same time.

If the color temperature is low, the light is yellow. If the color temperature is high, the light is white and bright. 3000 K is warm white light, 4000 K is natural white light, and 6000 K is bright white light.

(Image: The left image is white light, known as “cold color”. The right image is yellow light, known as “warm color”.)

Living room (white light)

It is recommended to use 4000-6000 K white light in the living room, because white light makes people concentrate and it can maintain the transparency of the entire space. Coupled with the yellow light floor lamp and table lamp, they can create a warm atmosphere and increase the layering.

Most of the lighting design of living rooms in Hong Kong has one main lamp. And due to the small residential area, there may not be enough space for putting a floor lamp. If you want to add more lighting, you can consider making a light trough.

Bedroom (yellow light)

It is recommended to use 2700-3000 K yellow light in bedroom, because white light will affect sleep quality and interferes our physiological clock. Since the main function of the bedroom is to let us rest, it is best to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

According to the needs of users, if the bedroom has a combined use as a study room, you can consider a color temperature of 3000-4000 K, or to add a reading lamp in bedroom. This way, you don’t have to destroy the lighting style of the bedroom.

Study room (white light)

Having a study room at home is not usual in Hong Kong. But if you have one, you should have a uniform, bright and clear 4000-6000 K white light.

We also need to pay attention to the orientation of the light source, it is not appropriate to project the light behind the desk and chair because the backlight produces unpleasant shadows and it will make our eyes tiring. There are many table lamps on the market that are suitable for reading and working. If the study room lighting cannot meet your needs, you can also add a light trough or table lamp to supplement the light.

Kitchen (White light)

As we need to pay attention in cooking, we need white light to help us stay focus. In fact, all kitchen should use white light. As kitchen tends to be dirty, we can clean it easily with bright light. Under the white light, it can reflect the cleanliness of the kitchen. The color temperature is recommended to be within 4000-6000 K. The interior designer may suggest adding spotlights under the kitchen cabinet or near the countertop to supplement the lighting. This can increase the aesthetics and make us safer while cooking.

Dining room

The dining table or dining room is usually connected to the living room, but most of the time it will have individual lighting. When food is exposed to yellow light, it has higher color saturation that can increase appetite. Therefore, yellow light with 3000 K and the CRI index more than 80 is the most ideal situation.

Some high-end restaurants will add yellow light (or candlelight) for the table. In addition to improving the lighting effect, it may also increase the appetite of guests.


The bathroom is a relaxing area. Thus, the color temperature should not be higher than 4000 K. However, most bathrooms use white light. Why?

Because you need enough lighting when washing your face!

It is not a must to use white light in bathroom. After all, you can add other lighting near the wash basin and the bathtub, such as wall-mounted lamps or spotlights.

If the bathroom is not well lit, it may pose a danger for the users. Therefore, we should use white light as the main lighting and to arrange other lighting equipment base on your needs. One thing you should be aware is that as the humidity in the bathroom is high, you should choose the light bulb with good water resistance and heat dissipation.


Don’t just buy a lamp without careful planning. It is recommended to have a thorough consideration and design before making purchase because lighting will affect our health. You can use different lamps combination to enrich the lighting atmosphere at home as well.


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