Tips to upgrade your home at low cost


It is expensive to renovate your home. Floor tiles, wall, kitchen and toilet, every part of it can cost a lot. However, we may overlook some tiny bits that can be done at low cost to upgrade our home. The decoration in small details can greatly enhance the style, for example, the power socket. The price of a power socket is usually at around few hundred dollars, but it can make significant changes to your home.


Decolababy would like to recommend a M2K power socket to you. It comes with a USB plug for convenient daily use and it is safe, affordable and beautiful. M2K is a new Hong Kong local brand. All products are guaranteed for one year.

They are in compliance with British safety standards and EU standards and are certified with the Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. What makes it outstanding is that the price is cheaper. Take an ordinary 2.1A USB socket as an example.

The price is about half cheaper than the average brand on the market. There are many colors and styles to choose from. In addition to the traditional white panels, there are also color panels, stainless steel panels and wallpaper panels. Each style comes with a variety of colors, styles and reference prices. You can take a look of the following examples.


4.2A Dual USB ports electric socket (Color Panel – Rose Gold) $350 

2.1A Single USB port electric socket (Wallpaper style Panel – Cool Black) $170

4.2A Dual USB ports electric socket (stainless steel panel – white) $350

3.1A USB port electric socket (stainless steel panel – mirror black steel surface) $300


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Author: decoadmin