Top 10 Furniture Designs For Your Living Room


(Guest Writer: Claudia Jeffrey)

  • Do you spend most of your time, lounging?
  • Are you bored with your old style living room?
  • Are you looking for ideas to ramp it up?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the questions that we have asked, then you don’t need to look any further as you have reached the right place.

It can get quite dull and monotonous being surrounded by the same old furniture that you once bought according to your choices back then. The colours, shapes, mood, or tone no longer excites you. Besides, not every one of us can get bored and just decide to move to a different place altogether. That is why decorating your house or a room where you spend most of your time is a good idea to change things up a bit.

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For many people, the living room is the core centre of the house where you hang out with your loved ones, be they the whole family or friends or roommates. From reading books to watching television, the living room sees it all.

So how about giving the living room a little twist with some new furniture? Let’s take a look!

Top 10 Furniture Designs for Your Living Room

Thus, here we have listed our top 10 furniture picks that, whether combined or changed individually, can give your living room a boost of energy, homeliness, and good vibes.

1. A Big, Basic Corner Wall Couch

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One of the best pieces that can make or break the whole look of a living room is a big basic corner wall couch. Readily available on thrift shops, classy furniture points, and even online shops, a corner couch can be placed against the wall or completely opposite to it.

From contrasting colours to ones that can merge, corner couches are available in a wide range of colours. If you like it cosier, then you can choose warmer colours for your fabrics, or you can keep it more contemporary with a simple single-coloured fabric cover.

2. A Vintage Coffee Table

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The ultimate centrepiece of your living room is a coffee table. You can choose to go with a contemporary design or even a rustic-styled one.

However, we would suggest a vintage coffee table as it brings in that traditional vibe to tie the whole setup together. It may even broaden your spending choices. If you are up for spending more, you can buy the table from an antique shop.

But if you want to keep it chic yet economical, then the thrift store is your best place.

3. A Tufted Ottoman

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If you have guests over, ottoman stools are great, for resting your feet on it or just being an extra seat. Whether you take the stool as an individual furniture piece or as a pair with your couch or sofa, it looks great either way.

We recommend a tufted ottoman to make it both classy yet contemporary. You can experiment with fabrics and colours to tie your setup together, or you can choose bold colours to make them stand out separately.

4. A Colourful Sitting Sofa

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You would be wondering, but why specifically colourful? That is because while a bright sitting sofa is primarily a centrepiece, you can also place it anywhere in the living room.

From right in front of the television to the fireplace (coming up next) or beside the bookshelf, a colourful sitting sofa makes the perfect seating for a living room. Depending on your colour choices, your sofa can create any type of vibe that you will like for your living room.

We recommend you choose somewhere between hot pink and mustard yellow for the uber-chic look.

5. Lots Of Cushions And Throw Pillows

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Many people might think of them as furniture accessories, but cushions and throw pillows are much more than that. They add more oomph to the whole atmosphere of the room, making it look instantly more comfortable, cosy, and inviting.

That is why we suggest you add as many pillows or cushions on the couch as well as a good-sized one on the sofa. You can also add fur blankets along with the cushions on the couch in contrasting colours.

It will make the couch a better place for lounging there for activities like napping and watching movies.

6. A Wooden Fireplace

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Whether you consider yourself in tune with the times, your inner child may perpetually wonder what it would be like to sit near the fireplace just like a fairytale character

Thus, to bring such a novel experience into your home, why not have a wood fireplace in your own living room? While our HDBs here in Singapore may not allow fireplaces (except in the case of this couple who installed one in their home!), why not get wallpaper or a wall panel that resembles one?

It will not just evoke childhood nostalgia, but also bring a warm, cosy feel to your living room.

7. A Chic, Metal Centre Table

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We hope that by now you would have understood that we are not going for a strictly traditional or exceptionally modern look. We are keeping it a good mix of both and taking it forward.

Our next idea is a chic metal centre table. If your living room is big enough to host a centre table alongside a coffee table and a corner couch, then go for it.

A table with a marble top and a metal stand base especially makes your living room contemporary and stylish.

8. A Woven Rug

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Are you bored of the old tiger rug that your grandma brought for Christmas? It could be time to sell it or throw it out because you may consider getting a woven rug for your living room.

We specifically recommend a woven rug because it is easier to keep clean and change whenever you feel like it. Woven rugs also have a variety of abstract prints, unique designs, and beautiful colours, so you will be spoilt for choice.

9. Plain Grey Carpet For Contrast

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floor carpet is like a canvas base, setting the tone for other colours to pop. That is why we recommend a plain grey carpet to help complement and contrast different colours present in your living room.

Greys will not only make the furniture and material stand out, but will also pair up nicely with textures such as metal, marble, wool, and fur.

10. A Contemporary Book Rack

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contemporary abstractly-shaped book rack is our tenth recommendation for living room furnishings. Even if you are not much of a reader, you can store faux books or even shoe-pieces and figures to add a decorative element to the living room.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, our compilation of living room furniture has inspired you to revamp yours. Make sure to get some fresh, good-quality, yet reasonably priced stuff that continues to excite you until the next time. So if you get bored with your living room next time, you can sell your old furniture and find something new yet again!

Author Bio: Claudia Jeffrey is currently working as a Lifestyle Blogger & Research Analyst at Master Thesis and Trainer at Crowd Writer, UK’s favourite place to get HND assignment. She has done an interior designing course and makes good use of her skills. For further reading, you can check out her blog.


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