Tribal Chic: Modern tribal style featuring African violence and tenderness


Following the dark Nordic style and Memphis style, in this article, we will talk about tribal chic style.

The simple and wild African style is attractive to many people, but most of them will give up their favourite to simplicity. The great news is that there is a style which combines modern and tribal elements to give a warm yet wild touch to home, that’s Tribal Chic style.

The colour scheme of Tribal Chic style

Whenever we mention Africa, you may think of a wild thatched house and a large area of earthy land. Therefore, linen, earth colour and desert colours are the main colour scheme of Tribal Chic style.

In order to enhance the modern sense, you can keep the white wall and put different decorative items to create tribal ambience. Using pure white to increase the sense of simplicity and calmness to set off the enthusiasm brought by tribal accessories.

You can also consider adding grey floorboards, such as the cement-textured flooring to infuse the tribe with a modern feel. At the same time, the cement texture exceptionally matches with the tribal style.

Modern tribal style texture

Totem pattern is a must in African tribal style home! In addition to the totem pattern used in cushion, you may wish to out a cabinet with totem finishes to make it as a feature furniture at home. If you have tight budget, you can try drawing the totem patterns on furniture by yourselves!

Apart from totem patterns, the original materials with natural textures can easily enhance the “Raw” tribal feeling, such as wood, leather, fur and bones.

Modern tribal style furniture

In order to increase the natural originality, it is best to use warm wood furniture without any additional decoration to keep the original contour of the wood. You don’t need to lay tiles in kitchen. As shown in the image below, the kitchen cabinets are mainly white with a dark wood countertop.

There is a special furniture in tribal style, which is a handmade low table from Bamileke in Africa. It is carved by hand from a log with calm texture. In addition to the simple flower pattern in the middle of the cylindrical low table, this small table in the living room can make the space unique and amazing.

Modern tribal style decoration

The interior style of modern tribal is mostly created with soft decoration, so the decorative items play the most effect. Common features of Tribal Chic style are tassel, beaded, rattan, bone, shell, leather, feather, pottery and Indian batik. Here are three essential items for Tribal Chic decorations:

  1. Carpet

There are various textures of carpets. For Tribal Chic style, you may want to choose a large carpet with a natural texture in the living room or a small rectangular carpet at the end of the bed in bedroom, such as the animal-like fur rugs, warm woven rugs, or a cool and intricately woven straw mat bamboo mat.

  1. Wall hanging charm

A wall hanging charm can make a dull white wall interesting. If you want to know more about wild style ornaments, you can refer to the American Southwest Tribal Style.

  1. Basket

Basket is an essential accessory for Tribal Chic style! The basket can be placed anywhere, beside the bed, coffee table, fruit plate, as a wall decoration, and even the bed head. The advantage of a basket is that it is not just a decoration item, it is a good tool for storage to keep home tidy. A hand-woven basket is suggested to show the beauty of nature!

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