How to Choose Your Material: WD-40 Specialist™ Series (3)


Coming to the final part of the WD-40 Specialist™ Series, let us look at the remaining three additions to the new product line: Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil, Dust Free Air Duster and Automotive Belt Dressing.


Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil

Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil is a lubricant tailor-made for metalwork. It decreases friction between metals which often causes overheating during drilling.

After applying this lubricant, your cutting and drilling equipment’s performance is improved and its lifespan extend.

It works to prevent pitting and metal seizures, eases mechanical processing of metal, and reduces heat and damage caused by friction. All in all, it increases your work efficiency and protects your gear.

This product can be used on stainless steel or titanium components.

Use this lubricant when drilling holes on metal or cutting the material apart.


WD-40 Multi-Purpose Cutting Oil WD35006


Dust Free Air Duster

Dust Free Air Duster is pressurised air which can be used to blow off dirt and dust from various kinds of surfaces.

You can use this duster on sensitive electronic equipment like cameras, computers and phones. Light dust like wood shavings, sawdust, metal scrapings, and dirt crumbs can be easily removed with Dust Free Air Duster.

Since the pressurised air is dry, non-abrasive and non-corrosive, it can be used on all plastics and sensitive electronics. Dust Free Air Duster also leaves no residue behind.


WD-40 Dust Free Air Duster WD35009


Automotive Belt Dressing

As its name suggests, Automotive Belt Dressing is a lubricant designed for automobiles, in particular the belts in the car. When the belts are not moving smoothly, Automotive Belt Dressing is ready to rescue.

The main function of this dressing is to remove dirt and let the belts retain softness and grip. This dressing also lengthens the belts’ lifespan, and let your car run more smoothly, more efficiently.


Author: decoadmin