Why Metal: Giving Your Home A Contemporary, Shiny, And Smooth Look


Metallic Elements In Your Abode – Offering A Modern, Sleek, and Pristine Appearance To An Otherwise Mundane Space

Wood. Stone. Glass. Processed materials. Natural materials.

These materials have made their rounds in the renovation world and each of them has had their turn in the limelight over the years. However, one material stands out among the rest for its durability and practicality. And that material is… METAL! (no, not the music genre)

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The metallic element is a mainstay in any home, just look around! And it’s super easy to achieve the metallic look. But best of all, it’s really functional!

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There are few places in the house that revel in the beauty and smoothness that metal provides. Off the top of our heads, aluminium kitchen cabinets and metal furniture come to mind.

That said, we gush and gush about the look that metallic furniture can provide, but what are the advantages of it? Say, compared to wood furniture (another popular option), why should you opt for metal?

While wood will always remain a popular option, here are some reasons to consider metal for your home.

The Metallic Style Will Never Go Out Of Style

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Aesthetic-seekers, rejoice!

Just as wood is a timeless material, metal is held in similar regard. Metal can last literal generations, and it’s fairly easy to maintain. It can keep up its appearance for a long time, though naysayers would argue that metal is usually visually boring.

To them, we wholeheartedly disagree. Metal, like any man-made material, is highly customizable. From design to colours, every part of your metal furnishing is customizable to fit your needs!

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Want a sleekall-black living room design? Say no more.

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How about a blast of bright coloured displays in your home? We’ve got your back.

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Prefer something more “natural”Natural colours that are reminiscent of wood are now possible! These colours can transform your metal furniture into something indistinguishable from wood furniture. Aesthetically speaking, of course.

On a side note, if you have an unused space in your home (a kitchen space, for example), we’d recommend installing an aluminium kitchen cabinet. This will allow you to make full use of your kitchen while also making your kitchen look more visually pleasing.

Metal Is As Durable As They Come

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Allow us to reiterate once more, metal is a very hardy material. And it is this property that allows it to be used in virtually any environment.

Metal can tolerate the most extreme use. This makes it a perfect fit for dormitory and transient housing applications. Think, metal frames and bunk beds that are easily cleaned and durable.

Furthermore, its durability also allows it to be utilized in any climate imaginable. Hot or cold, dry or humid, metal can be adapted for use anywhere. For instance, wooden kitchen cabinets tend to absorb a lot of moisture, especially during the rainy season. This would cause the cabinets to become wet, and subsequently damaged. On the other hand, metal is simply unaffected by the surrounding humidity.

In this case, the metallic surface does play a role in its durability. Metal surfaces that are well-sealed with finishes and with proper care can withstand the toughest abuse. Imagine being able to endure punctures, drink rings, and general heavy use. And in the event that the finish ever gets damaged, you can simply patch it up easily with DIY kits.

Cleaning & Maintenance Of Metal Is A Breeze Indeed!

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Now, now. We know that cleaning is a hassle for all you couldn’t-be-bothered types out there. We’ve got great news for ya!

Cleaning metal furniture is an easy affair! Wooden materials require the use of household chemicals for cleaning and maintenance. But unlike wood, metal does not require that much care. You only need to wipe off your metallic surfaces with a damp cloth, that’s literally all there is to it.

And because of how easy it is to maintain, metal furniture meshes well with the lifestyle of working professionals. So if you’re a working homeowner, then metal material is the answer you seek!

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Here’s a tip for all you clean freaks: Use milder liquids such as lemon oil to clean your metallic surfaces. Stronger cleaning agents may have a negative effect on your metal so we’d suggest avoiding those.

Metal Is Resistant To Pesky Pests

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One of the many concerns of homeowners is pest infestations. In particular, termite infestations can be a bane to owners of wooden furniture. The answer to this head-splitting conundrum? You guessed it, it’s metal!

With metal furniture, you won’t have to worry about pests. Reason being, the non-porous surface and waterproof nature of metal prevent pests from taking root. And in the event that you DO have an infestation, metal furniture is easier to clean up and tolerates pest-fighting chemicals a lot better than wood.

Peace of mind aside, metal is indeed a great material that will save you money in the long run. You won’t have to fork out a fortune for constantly getting rid of pests nor will you need to replace your metal furnishing often.

Metal Is Quite Cost-Effective

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When we talk about metal versus wood, you’d think that metal is the pricier option. And you’d be correct for the most part.

On the contrary, you need to look at the bigger picture and in the long run. Metal is virtually a maintenance-free material. And it is also long-lasting. This translates to long-term savings for the metal furniture owner.

Plus, many metal furniture collections have warranties that will cover normal use for up to ten years or more. Talk about a worthy investment! In other words, metal furniture may require a larger up-front investment but the replacement cycle is less frequent.

Final Word

There’s a reason why metal stands at the top of the mountain in terms of materials. Durability, design flexibility, ease of care, and so on are just some of the awesome perks you get from metal.

To be frank, metal will cost you more than other conventional materials. But we’d argue that the investment is well worth the value metal provides. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth down the line!


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Renotalk is the leading home & living platform that connects a thriving community of property owners with reliable interior designers, contractors, brand owners, and product merchants who offer a wide range of home improvement education, services and deals to make the building and designing process easier, more exciting and more affordable.