Why Should You Apply Tinted Window Films?


Why Should You Apply Tinted Window Films?

There are several types of tinted window films. For instance, sputtered films, dyed films, deposited films and hybrid films, etc. are all commonly used in home. Tinted window films consist of a low emissivity coating on a polyester substrate that is applied to the exterior of a flat glass, which makes the glass resistant to scratching. But the question is why should you use those window films?

Reducing Your Room’s Temperature

Tinted window films reflect heat. In the summer, your windows allow a lot of infrared light to enter, which can make a room unbearably hot. Tinted window films are a cheap and effective alternative to reduce your room’s temperature without taxing your electricity bills.

Protecting Your Household Items

UV light is responsible for much of the long-term fading and damage to household items. Paintings, photographs and your furniture are all vulnerable to UV rays. Applying Tinted Window Films protects your household items from exposure to UV rays.

Acting As An Insulating Layer

Not only does it prevent excess heat from entering a room, but it also acts as an insulating layer. This provides a more even and balanced temperature in summer and winter.