Zen style X modern style. Fashionable Japanese interior design


The owner of this home is an interior designer. After acquiring his new home, he decided to make good use of his knowledge to design his home. To integrate the Japanese style with modern style, and regard is as a milestone of his career.

The homeowner used the traditional Japanese sliding doors as the changing compartment. The sliding doors can help divide the areas into different purposes, such as living room, bedroom or guest room. The flexible and versatile design is suitable for small home. He even used tatami and natural wood to add a warm touch to the space. In the clean and light Japanese atmosphere, he chose not to use the traditional rustic colors, but to create a strong visual impression with bold red and black color. Together with the bright, colorful and artistic paintings, the character of the design stands out remarkably. 

The wallpaper in the house was created and collaged together by him and a professional master in Taiwan. In addition, the soft furnishings and paintings of the entire rooms are all arranged by him. He did not specifically look for a decoration for certain space. A souvenir from Japan can be used for a decorative item to inject a unique story into the space. The paintings come from collections in collaboration with artists.

He also loves using the Japanese handmade furniture. Take this low chair in the living room as an example. With a short and wide seat, you can lay your entire back to the chair easily and stretch your feet. You will find it comfortable ever you seat with cross-legged. The L-shaped chair feet can disperse the stress points and avoid leaving indentations on the tatami. The low chair prevents the rest of the people sitting on the floor or on the sofa from feeling a sense of distance. Exquisite ingenuity can be seen in a chair. Putting a chair like this in the living room can effectively improve the overall texture of the space.

The living space in Hong Kong is relatively small generally. Through a good interior design, it can give you a more spacious living environment. In addition to solving the problem of small spaces, it also affects the living patterns of the residents. For Hong Kongers, it may be a good suggestion. 

For the design method of setting variable partitions at home, we interviewed Andy, the decoration consultant for more advice.

“It is rare to see such Japanese design in Hong Kong. But it is not difficult to execute at all. If you simply want to change the use of space easily, you can use aluminum doors instead. Aluminum doors are relatively light and stable, and the price is lower. However, if you want to have Japanese-style design, you may need to order a hollow wooden door. But there is a greater chance of damage due to collision, and the price is higher than aluminum doors.”


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